Good Solution

I found an exceptionally well-suited solution to my "hammer is too small for this" problem. The original idea of extending the hammers like I did in the previous model was a rather bad idea because it introduces a lot of necessary rubber bands to even more the hammer at all. It also adds the problem that every mildy done trigger pull will let the hammer lock's pin to rub against the hammer slide and thus reduce the slide smoothness. Highly undesirable cause you'll literally have to slam the trigger for proper hammer release. This wouldn't any different with the new model if not designing another system. At first I didn't quite knew how to realize a hammer which a level to pull, but then I got the idea of a pullable grip that works independent from the hammer itself, only pulling the hammer if the user pulls using the grip. The second was to create a second rail under the hammer rail, but then I noticed I can simply utilize the now even more free room behind the hammer. I mean either way there MUST be something in this now free room and the shorter and less complicated I can make everything, the better. I find it a really intriguing system I have to say. Compact and probably very reliable. And it could be combinable with the twin-cocking mechanic I describe earlier that makes it possible to cock both hammer at the same time. Could in some kind of lever, too. It needs atleast to be usable with the trigger hand fingers, preferably thumb. There's also a new Lego piece I've discovered lately. It's like a smaller 1x3 version of the rounded "quarter moon" 3x3 parts I used in the first three guns I made when I started. I always found them to big for later models, but the smaller 1x3 parts do perfectly fit into the places I was never be able to cover before. I hope my model can become more complex and easy to make this way. The part looks like an organge claw or teeth (which's probably it's original use), there are plenties of them in every NXT 2.0 set.

All in all everything's running very well at the moment. And surprisingly productive. I bet future models will run equally smooth after several prototypes... As I always dreamed of my own Lego revolver, I found an an interesting mechanic I could use to realize my own magazine-based gun. It's taking from an existing automatic revolver that uses it's recoil to rotate it's. I'm talking about the Webley Fosbery Automatic Revolver, an ingenius gun if you ask me! To cycle the action the upper part needs to be pulled back and forth (or the other way around, can't remember). The grooves on the cylinder are used to move the cylinder using a fixed circular pin on the lower part. It's a very clever construct which can be used for a number of different applications, not only to rotate cylinder. I'm currently thinking about a model which uses a horizontally inserted magazine with grooves on it and a pump-style grip attached to the foreend or directly below the magazine. Having the mentioned circular pin attached to it, it could easily cycle the action if I can find a reliable Lego construct with nicely combinable beams of different angle or so. I frees me from using a ratchet-alike construct (something I dislike due to annoying integration using Lego).

Awesome stuff, indeed! I really love making Lego guns right now. It's the perfect addition to my mostly digital life and I don't want to miss it in the future. Great things will await me!

PS: I'm realizing how much symmetry my designs have so far - perfect for both left and right handed persons.

Maximum Carnage

Well, the title speak for myself, but I wondered what I could do with simply longer rubber bands, giving more potential to accelerate bullets. After a nap from an exhausting everything became somehow more clear to me and I think that after this gun I have to go back to the "musket-style" Lego gun type with a builtin rubber band. But this I'm prepared to let it work as well as all of my cartridge guns. The point is that cartridges only have limited power (which's totally enough and reached with 18 studs in length) and if I'm ever going to build a telescopic sight for one of my guns, I need one that shoots much farther and more accurate. And the obivous solution to this is to remove all moving parts for "maximum wobble space intolerance" and increasing the rubber band length. And I'm having a lot of ideas to keep bullets from falling out like before. It may even become a breech-loaded gun when I find a solution to stretch without a ram rod. That said, they may be a first use of my Lego motor! But well, it stands in the stars if this will really work to pull it from behind, so nothing I can yet say for sure. Anyway, the idea itself is so plane and simple that I won't wonder if it works. I'll probably get the creeps by how much I'll be able to split then, so it's surely new fodder for my psyche to swallow. I can only think of how long the gun will reach then. It definitely has to accelerate a bigger projectile cause I won't use a 3x3 barrel for part availability alone. 4x4 sounds good to me - there'll be enough room for additional stuff around it.

Whatever. Not-so-far future music I think. Except it to blow up things and shoot flowers!


tis' a big thing, ain't it

So I had all the evening to build my gun's case and it happened to be that I took my old gun apart. A pity! Somehow. I like to have multiple models and only take them apart in case I want a third one. Too bad this never worked, so it's rather normal I guess. Anyway, it becomes quite a big thing now or atleast it looks like such one. I is just a bit higher than the old one and comes very close to my very first double-barreled model. With some further hours of building and thinking (I really hate that I currently need to take my away my head off it each hour for some minutes), I believe that this will become a really good model. With it's weight, yes, but also certain style one can't deny! Or let's say I making the colors as final as possible right from the beginning. I'm not really interested in rebuilding it 100% because of that. But I came across a little "problem" with the whole concept, which's the fact that the hammer might need to be very long to fit nicely into the case' gap necessary for taking out the cartridges when opened. I don't a big hammer at all, which's the problem I'm having. Sure, adding a grip for cocking the hammer is also pending and takes up it's space, but those should be OUTSIDE and not INSIDE, so that anyone can cock them anytime needed. Don't know what to add there to make it longer, but in all cases I'll have to do some more work in integrating the slide mechanic better. It works, yes, but they are yet many, many things to do including the action's lock which I'll probably realize using internal spring/rubber band-powered hooks at the case' critical end.

Anyway, it's pretty late in here and I also don't know why I keep blogging content-less talkage right now during the end of the night...



This is exactly what came to my mind when I tested the new cartridge today. It's astounding what this little constructural difference results in. I got an improvement of about 2 meters or so, just by giving it more freedom in rubber contraction. I wonder... It could make all the differences to completely remove anything that might come in the rubber band's line... Gonna test this for sure.

Stupid commercial Lego gun books

It's surprising how "many" books one can find on Amazon to build Lego guns and even more how sursprised those dudes in silly online magazines are. I rather prefer not talking an old man's habit of getting his world shattered by the fact that guns find their way everywhere, but this time I cannot keep myself from doing so. Actually, this came because I found a record from a German TV show where they interviewed that single guys who's selling his Lego gun books (all of those including his crossbow-alike model). It seems there's only this one dude and well... man, what an idiot. He seems to believe that he's actually doing something cool with this (you can this video on Youtube, just listening to his selfish voice) and whatever not. It gives me the creeps to even imagine that such an ugly fucker would make 12 year olds build his guns and even alter or improve it. It's like creepy and disgusting I think. Selling with such instructions... Well, I don't think this is a good idea to do. Sure do I also publish the result of my experiments and outcomes, but I do not give exact instructions anyone can use to build his own model. I'm doing this because it pleases me to work on recreating gun technology on another technology base and because I simply wanted to somehow simply create my own just for kicks. But seriously - selling books so that kids can rebuild them? I don't know. Anyway, I'm definitely building my guns on another level of efficiency and rather to make a practical usable gun for personal enjoyment and excersize, not to be "badass" or something like that. I feel somehow offended when thinking about the fact that people who had seen this TV show will immediately think of stupid selfish idiots which tried making Schlager music in the past (that's real nasty scum) but ended up making silly rubber band guns. I've seen his models and they are rather for spraying rubber bands against Lego constructs than pinpoint hitting on long ranges mimicking realworld gun technology. No, his guns have no class, no fire behind. Well, they might have automatic fire and magazines, but they won't have any stopping power or long range effect. And they probably also have poor accuracy! Yeah, definitely, just don't think about this idiot beeing ANY kind of representative for what people not related to him do. I really bad just for this fucker to exist! Might not be a problem if he'd simply vanish...

Random Encounter

Surprisingly I got a good idea for modifying my bullet to require not less than 8 precious parts less! What a surprise indeed and I still haven't done anything on the gun to use it, so it's rather a day's thin output besides movieing around. And it seems to be more effective, too, because there are no struts anymore except the four necessary to disturb the rubber band contraction. And, uhm. Well, I also tested it (out of pure curiosity) on the lid of one of my plastic cans where I'm storing my rubber bands and it was split in half. It's lid, split in half! This is kind of extreme and I'm more than before wondering what damage this model would do in the wrong hands. I mean I know that in Germany you are not allowed to own air guns that generate muzzle energy about 7,5 joule and I'm probably not even remotely above it because this would mean that my bullets would fly farther. Anyway, I need somehow owning an air soft joule and find it out for kicks. I really want to know that value. The plastic was rather old... so I hope it's due to it's now frangible nature, I really don't know. I'll take a range test of it tomorrow! It'd be AWESOME to get more range due to this. But I'm already afraid of it's generated energy and hope I'll never accidently hit something that might get damaged. Good that most of my work is planning and constructing, not test-shooting. This cartridge is already made for "outhouse" testing due to it's range and it's somehow sad that it's getting autumn and that I won't have any fun doing it outside. Really, I need test my gun in a controlled, large-roomed environment if it's finished. But I don't think it has the reach or energy to be effective on a shooting range, nor do I know somehow who is able to give me that opportunity. But someday I want to test in on such a range. Who knows what people will be able to help me guessing or detecting the cartridge's muzzle energy! But since it falls off quickly, there's probably no way to have it indent the spot it's hitting on the target. Oh my goodness, I'm already starting to think like a crazy home defense american who believes that every gun might come in handy! That's really enough for today - bed time, young man! You really begin to foul your head with this gun stuff as you did with compiler design and lowlevel programming.


An eventful day

Oh man, what a mess of stuff happened yesterday as well as today. However, the most interesting of it is that I finally found an awesome concept for my gun. I've decided that the idea with the movable barrel is the best one and that I provides the possibly thinkable stability of all possible action I came up with yesterday. My initial fear about it's stability isn't relevant anymore if I build the COMPLETE front and upper cover of the gun as it's movable elements. That means that it will work like with the case of a normal computer, covering the insides but beeing easily movable in a limited area. Because the case did so far have a maximum width of 9 studs, I can leave the next one to 9 studs, too, and can create the inner mechanics with a width of 7, reducing the required parts and making the gun look more pretty at all. However, to open the chambers, you don't need to fully remove the case as a whole but only move it as far as possible away from the business end to locate an open area inside the case over the actual chamber. This way you can extract the cartridges easily and remove the fired ones. When moving the case back to it's closed position, it's open area will point at the block including the hammers and all the other fire mechanics. But since these do also have a case around it, it's color will just shine through and maybe enable the shooter to observe whether the gun is cocked or not. I could surely try also to combine the closing action with coking the hammers, but this would result in more complex thinkage I currently don't want to have in my head. Anyway, the extremely kewl advantage of this construct is simply that it doesn't take up any additional space other than these 9 studs width. A real leap forward! The idea behind is kinda how semi-automatic handguns are constructed: a case holding the movable barrel that is connected the rest of the gun's fixed parts. I'm really proud to say that I got this idea by my own without any direct inspiration as opposed to all other models before. The problems left are: a) how trigger and hammer will need to be constructed in detail, b) what the stock should look like/what kind of better concept I want to integrate and c) how the fuck I can get enough light grey parts to make the case look awesome. Point c) looks critical cause I have some from the Mindstorms kit. This time I really want to make the gun look smooth and well-thought. No patchwork anymore if I can afford it. I mean the concept is MADE for a black/white composition, just like the Portal gun. It would be a shame to not realize it.

So I hope everything turns out like planned and that I don't get too depressed from having to go back to this student job the last time. I finally got a date, so next Friday will FINALLY be the last day of it. And I hope they don't need to get any additional information via Email anymore. I mean yes, this is definitely part of passing my work to them, but the whole topic and this stupid software around it makes my more than depressed. Too many bad things this month, I hope this will change with my new semester start...


The new story

I actually tried to "recreate" the seeming accuracy I had from some previous Lego guns (oh and I remember that it was no muzzzleloader with the increased accuracy but the fat 4x4 cartridge) and noticed that it won't be thaaaat possible because of certain part and space limitations... Simply sucks ass, I know. However, I combined the "old new" cartridge with the "new" cartridge and got a new one, for this really the only "new" one, I assure you! It has still some accuracy problems, but who cares if I'll only shoot targets 8 or 6 meters away. Really, If I'd want pinpoint accuracy, I'd probably create streamlined arrows and a muzzleloader for it so that I can include a bigger rubber band and so on. I guess I'll simply to create one one day for exactly this reason... Whatever! I'll once again start creating the hammer/trigger component for the new gun and add the barrel, grip and so on later. Good to know that I got some ideas for reliable, trigger-independent hammering during that 180° hammer experiment! Trigger indepency hereby means that independently from how slow or fast you pull the trigger, the hammer will always strike the same. Usually I'd say this is normal, but my first hammer (thus the one from the last model) wasn't really thaaat normal and kinda wrong. So it makes perfectly that don't even want to take pictures of it anymore... Whatever.

What I'm NOT sure about is what chambering method to choose. Sure, I wanted to stay close to the original version, but the break-action has certain tolerance in it's barrel angle that I don't really want to have the chamber movable at all. Sliding the barrel tops/sides is possible but requires a lot more room or instable ideas. Another idea is to rotate the chambers from the business end (maybe individually?) and thus be able to take the cartridges out after using a lever to bring them up. This would mimic the same comfort of a break-action with the addition of not needing to move the gun when reloading (nice thing I think). It simply requires a skeleton for each barrel as part of the gun's body itself. I like the concept and believe it's doable while having all the stability of a Lego gun not loaded via breech. There's also a third version for a break-action that locks by using long axels that will additionally slide into holes made for those. This is the version I would prefer when goin back to break action because it would certainly give less tolerance to the overall thing. I have to do some more research on this but I assure you that atleast the "rotation break-action" will find it's way to me if I don't find anything else better suited or a way to make the break-action highly stable. Really, why do I always bother with this break-action... As if it were the only real thing.

The old story

A new day, a new hope! Well, atleast I know a bit more than yesterday what the next gun model should be. Bad thing is, the ammunition must get as long as the old new cartridge to somehow guarantee an improvement in reach. I tested all three cartridges and the length was somehow the only thing that mattered. That's really annoying and well, that was what I already found before and the only thing that could possible bother me right now. But can't the be a better way of increasing bullet speed other than using longer cartridges? I know that the material matters for sure, too. But I don't have custom rubbers and won't create any other than the ones I can get here at home. Stronger rubbers are always thicker or longer, but it really only matters what way they travel; the aspect of how strong the acceleration varies can simply not be included because you'd need to bend them so far that they are impossible to trigger or hold back. So that is why I will need to make them 18 studs long or so. That's kind of stupid. I mean I really need to find another method for acceleration bullets! I'm thinking about trying to combine gas-based systems like used in air guns with Lego for alternative projectile acceleration. I don't have much experience and I doubt that any Lego piece will bring up enough sealing to ensure that the pressure builds up. I'll do some research and be back later, but I don't think that anything will be possible this way. Lego isn't made for stuff like that and I'll probably have to find another method. Also, I don't find it good go that deep in such an area... It actually scares me because the only thing I want is packing a somewhat large rubber stretch in a smaller package, not giving it more power (which will probably happen when using gas pressure). Maybe I can think of something that I can somehow charge n times to have more power, based on motors or so. Maybe I really just need to continue with rubber bands but using motors for the stuff that I'd normally do by hand... Hm. Though this doesn't make the cartridge smaller! Nor does it increase accuracy. My test resulted in still random bevahiour with non-moving bullet parts which is also the reason why my previous muzzleloaders were simply more accurate than my cartridges because I used rolls to prevent the rubber bands from sticking to the bullet at the wrong place, permanently turning them into the wrong direction and reducing muzzle velocity as well as accuracy. I could try to create a cartridge that has a moving part to prevent this, hmmm... Well, it should with any current one with minor modifications I think. I only need to put the rubber band through a little ring I guess... Could work!


I've seemingly successfully combined the old cartridge model with the new one. That means that it can be triggered by horizontal impact like the old one but also has the new stability and a much more stable layout in general. It took me not just a bit of time to create a bullet lock that can withstand the same amount of horizontally directed force but hey, it definitely seems to work and I believe that it'll sever better than the old one and more easy to design with than witd the old new one. Not sure about the rubber though, but it only requires one this time and definitely wears off ages slower than before. So that's it so far! It means I can work on a normal hammer with triggering slightly offset from the center and less open space needed inside the gun body. Excitement! I'll redo my old double-barrel model and include all the ideas I wanted before, so that I can improve the problems it had before. And I'll think more about weight balance (the old one weighted a hefty amount) as well as a foldable stock (currently, there's a massive one with a bullet holder I don't need in the way it's currently integrated). Geez, I also need to improve that sight system, it really is a mess at the moment and simply doesn't add anything to it cause the bullets can't as long. Time to change that! I'm already having a very good idea I say you, only need to make it. Yeah, I'll take my book and a pencil and sketch some features before I go to bed... this helps keeping my head clean for awesome dreams of whatever topic.


Not really convinced

So I did create a very raw and probably highly construct for shooting long bullet using a hammer. One thing that's nice is that I make the hammer very small and lightweight. The disadvantage with the 180° rotating hammer is that it requires a rubber band attached to the side, resulting in an around 5 studs wide gun body on top, on thing I don't want to have because the is not at the body's bottom but direct in it's middle, effectively requiring to create some really ugly cut in the whole model and stuff like that. It's... no elegant enough. This hammering method beats a LOT of other models in terms of design limitations. I'm thinking about redoing the bullet for a more clever design, on with beeing hit by a hammer from behind. That would enable me to rely on the last hammer model I used on the gun I still didn't manage to make some shots of. And as I said in the previous model, I probably won't until I can really find something that makes click and says me that it is a good idea to build it. And yet I wasn't able to get comftable with making a gun for the last bullet design. But I REALLY want to get a new update on this, so I'll try to centerfi-a-rize a bit with it... Not sure if this CAN work, but who knows... Something has to move on in her.


Not that derringer

I made some quick skeleton of a possible model, but all of them share the same fate of not beeing properly constructable (as a result of waaay too long hammer transfers and the hammer method not beeing that useful and mature in general. It becomes all a bit more of finding a clever arrangement of components except as long as the triggering itself is powerful enough. Guess I'll have again to go back to single-loading arms the perfect the hammer model. Darn it! The idea was too great to not to be made. Making guns is a hard and research-intense tale full of very small upgrades and intense testing. I'm running through many stages with my own models and see how small those steps can actually be... thus I bow infront of all the historic gun makers of the world who were not related to world wars or military for their dedication to bringing guns forward. Taking all their efforts together and looking at it, there's almost linear improvement in terms of step size, not the time it took do to those steps (which are quite different).

So it's time to tackle another single-shot rifle for improvement's sake. I have a few things to incorporate: a hammer, a long cartridge and a way to load the gun. The hammer will simply require a more elegant and compact solution for one of the versions that currently lie infront of me. Cartridge does already exist, now I only have to make reloading action for it. I don't want break action, the best according variant I've found so far is not achievable with a hammer on top of the gun EXCEPT when folding the barrel to the top. In all cases I will need to cock the gun before beeing able to load. One attempt of making a slide-out chamber failed in the past, but I think I found an alternative to this by using the same principle for breech-locking used in the Luger P08 pistol but not for chambering the bullet, rather for rotating the barrel to the left using a spring and a lever so that it a bit like a slide-out revolver cylinder. Too bad that this kind of operation either requires an additional stud of chamber thickness or some other kind of strange construct, hm... I'll just try it. I can't just sit around and think all day!



Now I'm really thinking about how to realize an actually compact revolver mechanism using Lego. Really, it's not an easy mechanism and I also found a very good flash animation exactly showing the elements I would need. I could of course replace some of those elements with easier ones, but it would still require a bigger amount of space and also fine-grain springs or rubber bands you can't put into small space like I'd definitely want to do. Argh, it's always the room problem with with Lego revolvers! Somehow I'm thinking creating a simplified 2-round revolver version which works by very, very simplified mechanic to utilize a single trigger. That sounds like it's creatable with not that much effort I think... Gonna try this now. But still... It would require a spring or rubber band to power the movement/ratchet so that you don't have to manually lock it in place. Also, I can't create smooth "hulls" for cylinder, making it impossible to NOT include an empty space above it, further resulting in space I'd need to create a workaround for when applying the current hammer variant. Damnit, I totally forgot how demanding these constructs can be!

Yeah, what a mess this would result in. Hmmm, there's also another idea which could keep the basic hammer idea up and running: only creating a mechanic to switch the "target" barrel, like in a derringer. Original multi-barrel derringers use a pivoting element in the hammer to simply move the striker into another position, the Remington two-barrel variant used a ratchet with different tooth height to archieve a change in position. I can't affort this because of similarly complex, fine-grain work that's necessary to archieve it. Though... I could to some bit of "retargeting" the hammer mechanic and try to let the actual hammer be activate by it's center and then creating a "hammer hammer" (a round, bolt-like element with a single pin or pusher) that can be rotated to "select" an individual hammer. So when I press the trigger, it will redirect it's force to the "hammer hammer", which will then depending on it's release the currently selected hammer. Hm, that could actually work and seems the only possible way to multi-barrel my guns without seperate triggers. I won't need to get the revolver cylinder trouble and I can leave any action to a) triggering and b) selecting. For loading I probably better go with fixed barrels and a lockable flap for muzzle-loading the cartridges. Should be a first approach, ay?

effin' 'ammer

I finally made it to create a hammer model for my Lego guns that works with the pinfire-alike cartridge model. And it's not just a weak "somehow working" one but a hammer with quite some power to be used for later, too. It'll sure work for "bullet locks" in bigger cartridges with way harder to release bullets, too. That means I can step-by-step improve the parts and design I'm using currently to meet the needs of more complicated cyclings. There's definitely improvement until it's perfect, but it works nontheless!

So now working on creating a design with multiple chambers because I'm sick of always needing make multiple triggers and having to reload and build always the same way. My idea is a bit more interesting: approaching a revolver. I was working on several concepts meanwhile and do now know that I simply somehow need to create a ratchet beeing connected to either a steering wheel for manual rotation to snap to the next position or a mechanic linked in a way the cocking of a hammer while not encumbering the strike (not sure if this works). Either way I can get a gun with a single trigger and more than two chambers (win win situation if you ask me). Hmmm, though I'm still thinking about building a third prototype of hammer/trigger combi itself... The current one is extremely long, taking as much room as the chamber itself (which's 18 studs long), but only 5 studs high excluding the actual hammer mechanic with a size of 3 studs when cocked, making it a bit higher as the barrel itself. Though this could be used as a target help, I'd rather prefer to have the "pin" of the front sight really at where it belongs to, the front, and not at the rear. Thus, I find it a bit questionable for all later gun designs to continue this way. So yeah, it's probably better to move the current 180° degree hammer strike motion to 90° while keeping in mind that I still need a horizontal striking, limiting the hammer to stay above the barrel when beeing cocked. Could be a better sighting help than otherwise, I guess! Have to test this. Oh, this is so exciting! I could experiment on this all day! However, it's really a shame that I can't rely on Lefaucheux designs because they only need a very small way to strike with it's pin on the bullet, not having a striker that's ramming half into the cartridge itself. It wouldn't to into the cartridge this way, so I'll really have to rely on some else, more custom...

Yeah, this is it so far. I know I still haven't posted any pictures of the previous model, but I also don't think that this is really necessary now. If the hammer concept can be finalized to maximum usefulness, I can create whatever gun design I want in the future! I haven't yet create a really good double-barrel gun and a hammer brings me closer to having one after creating a more conveniently loadable gun (like a revolver). I'm going to work on this a bit more than the last month, so I hope more updates a finally more powerful in many, many ways. Excitement! Let's get the party continue.


A revolution!

Indeed! I further dissected the index calculation formula for a contigious n-dimensional array and found a way to completely drop all multiplication inside the formula when iterating through a complete array of them. This effectively reduces the index calculation amount from several multiplications and addition to a single increment each cell and a mul/set pair for each border pixel. I'm really amazed that I found this out and I'm eager to do something with it. But I don't believe that this would give advantage from random shapes likes lines or polygons since the amount of calculation needed to get change of position each iteration won't give any benefit there. Too bad, but also too good to not use it! My tree's fruits finally pay off once again! I hope that this will somehow be of use to my later life or game programming.

PS: And the even more awesome thing about is that I can combined with my current n-dimensional loop macros - flawlessly!


"cause you're a man"

One thing I EXTREMELY hate is when people actually justify something because someone's gender. Sure, if it has to result in certain understanding of things the other one can't because he/she has another body and thus may not know a special feeling or so - that's something I can't argue about. But just because? A fucking general, because you have another gender? WHERE IN HELL ARE WE HERE??? Seriously, there's no fucking gender-based difference in mind and often body the other gender won't understand. It's all a fucking damn thing related to BRAIN and CHARACTER, not the body. That's simply discriminating and reflects what deep and primitive thinking is below the cap. Human's stupidity is endless, specially in terms of discrimination and rating. I'm extremely pissed right no. Why can anyone only justify an absolutely mind-related thing with "cause you're a man". Sometimes I really hate my "friends", especially when they are primitive right deep down in their most emotion-bound thoughts. As if I wouldn't understand. I'm always putting emphasis on NOT seperating genders in terms of thought and whatever. THERE IS NO DAMN DIFFERENCE.

ARRGGGHHHHH, how can only come down this time. I'd punch here in the face if I'd be a primitive soul as what she definitely presented herself a short time ago. And no, blaming society alone is not an option here. Society came out of people and people's minds come out on their one. So there the definite fault in her, not in anyone else. Really, I couldn't imagine discrimination happening to me because I'm a man. I'm even gay and she knows it, so this is even more discriminating and primitive!

Great, now I am getting discriminatory. Scum. Just brainey scum. This whole shit.


Sometimes when you build up negative energy, it's best to channel it into making new Lego guns. I've had those concepts here and there (especially the FIFO gun and another double barrel warm-up) but I never really tested if the triggering with my new bullet can actually work with normal force inside a simple gun body. And yet am I glad I tested this out today because it was in no way really possible to somehow trigger this one with directly using hands. So what's next is that I really, really have to create a fucking hammer squashing every piece of piece of the cartridge. This isn't an easy task at first but get's easier once you realized the concept you'd need to tackle. So nothing with FIFO guns or so, because those won't work with a hammer behind. It's a bit frustrating, but also makes the gun more compact because a FIFO gun would be as long as a tubular magazine of the same cartridge type. Hm, I'm still thinking and planning. Morning might bring new light on the rainbow surface.


n-dimensional rasterization

I must be weird fellow if chosen to carry some kind of stupid ring to a colcano. Anyway, I'm currently trying to convert the basic concept of line rendering (splitting x/y division) to n-dimensional space without any specialization and do somehow hope that my new dimensional macros will help me with this. Personally, I'm still thinking about my own implementation of line rasterization while strongly keeping Bresenham in mind. I'm used to use a Digital Differential Analyzer (DDA) with floats in the past (horribly idea, I know), but that's no good idea when sampling except you want to create vertex point in a non-cell-based environment (like for all modern 3D graphics display methods). Anyway, using macros removes this circumstance, so both variants are possible, hehehe... *MH-CHRM*. I believe it's all about keeping track of an error value and a pattern in it resulting from how you bend a linear space to the desired shape you want. Sure, this doesn't only apply to lines and circles, but to all other kinds of weird shapes, too. I might find a simple solution to this, let's see. Problem will certainly be to make it as fast as specialized versions.


Dimension track macros

May sound a bit weird as a title, but I got around "pseudo perfecting" some macros I had laying around to more efficiently calculate n-dimensional array indices and merging multiple "for" loops into a single pair of nested loops. Combined together, they make up a really useful set for advanced and more complex array tracking algorithms. It sure requires to know how those many macros parameters work, but in essence it's faster and equally efficient as a similar "for" loop construct, possibly beeing smaller in code size if it won't get unrolled. However, my many, many written routines for drawing and rendering stuff on screen as well as tracking level data arrays and so on make be believe that this is more than a key to further awesomeness. It already is awesome! Ok, dumb joke. Whatever. Now it's time to take a look at shape-tracing macros.

Let's turn this over

Yesterday my mind circled around certain aspects of my programming language as well as the fact that I still wasn't able to figure out a nice concept solving all things regularly to do in general programming. That means that the current as it was before wouldn't been able to work comftably (though the bytecode for it probably would). So I realized that my actual wish to base return and input values on stacks did already exist: Forth! Stack-based languages and such. I always loved the concept and looking at it again, it makes writing formulas kind of more efficient as I'd usually have to formalu in head or write it down before tweaking it to work nicer. The best formulas I ever wrote for graphics programming were extremely straight-forward, not utilizing any complex expression but exact operation order to reach a specific goal. And that's exactly what you're doing in Forth, though it's something easier to write in from right to left instead of left to right. Therefore, I think I'll a) look at existing Forth implementations and related variations to look how they solved specific problems, non-stack-based things such as array access and so on. I could figure out my own, but it's always a good idea to look for existing solution. That said, I'll also add a bunch of own, more C-like and register/array-based extensions to the general idea as well as direct support of batch instructions one can utilize more nicely integrated this way than it would be in a typical C-like language. All in all the idea of Forth seems waayyy more suitable for fast execution speed and small bytecode because there's no need to store any parameter information. But one thing I'll do is to also put in some parameter-supporting elements like special keywords for multiple stacks serving special grouping purposes you can use for function parameters. Yeah, let's say this brings all my ideas forward and does still make it possible to include all my previously designed syntax elements. Too bad I didn't learn designing in Forth before! Good thing to practive it now when having an own language.

Yay! I hope this finally prevents brain metabolism disorders for later plannings. Making programming languages is either a very slow, planned process or a quick idea with some things you can already rely on. In my case, it's part of my philosophy of giving only a programmer only the stuff that'd make his alghorithm/program better and more efficient. Currently, a stack base is the best I can think of in a bytecode language.


Bad lecithine

Great Scott, why on earth does this have to happen to me. Not only that I became vegan now, I'll probably also need to drop everything containing egg and soy cause I finally found out why in hell I get my problems when eating them: lecithin. It's an emulsifier somehow used to bring two liquids together which are usually combinable or something like that. The problem is that this stuff is inside almost EVERYTHING I eat here and there. I didn't knew about that before and it makes clear to me why I'm having regular digestion problems and do not know where they come from. And know it actually makes so many things clear to me that happened in the past, even those I was never able to reconstruct why they happened. But over time, you kind of get used to it and ignore such stuff. I'm a bit desperate right now... Not beeing able to eat lecithine in any way makes most chocolate ineadable for me as well as a wider range of products from bakeries, food in restaurants, cookies, many spreads... damnit. So I need to get those non-lecithine products instead, fuck. My damn gene pool is totally useless, what in hell is good about a cross-allergic asthmatic game programmer not valueing money in any way? It's a damn farce played by destiny, I say you. Atleast I can drink milk! That way I won't problems getting proteins cause I can't get them from meat. Oh great, never ever creamy chocolate again! I already love it... mess.


A bytecode thread system

A lot of things changed changed me and my attitude the last days but I still had my ideas flowing, so my ability to design stuff didn't change (which's definitely a good thing). I was always annoyed by how few you know when using threads within operating systems: How does it handle switching? How can you guarantee a certain time or percentage of computation power used? Can you rely on multi-processor usage or are you just getting another interrupt-controlled multiplexing? Well, I won't be able to change this, but I got a great idea for implementing a completely OS-independent way of enabling my bytecode interpreter to support multithreading. All in all you just describe a set of "process blocks" which can also consist of other process blocks (if not child blocks, then it'll be an executed function). The whole set including all process and child process represents a time slice with quantisized durations of all the same size representing the moments whereafter a task switch can happen. So each process can either have a fixed number of durations, a percentage of the whole slice or a flexible number of durations (taking the durations left) til switching to the next tast in the list. Due to the nature of beeing able to build process blocks, using a percentage will always scale to the size of the containing process block. All processes with in the last mode, flexible amount of durations, will share the lasting time block after subtracting and fix and percentage mode durations. This does give full control about the time slice, but is insufficient for newly coming threads and flexible task starting in general. Thus, I made the value for fix and percentual having a minimal and a maximum value: this way the scheduler will first assign all minimal times and expanding them depending on a set preference order (fixed first, percentual second and flex last) and the order all processes of the same kind are sorted in their corresponding list. I especially like this concept because of it's sensitive time sharing nature: Imagine a game running with a renderer, a physics process and input as well as a flexible numbers of processes used for path finding, more complex AI requiring quite an amount of time. A renderer might be finished quite fast or take a slower time, resulting in less calculated frame per second if it's max time was spent. The same is with physics, but requires a bit of synchronization with the input. All in this will result in bigger and smaller time gaps you can fill with a flexible number of long AI operations: either you want them to be done as fast as possible or you put them in a fixed duration window and give each after key operations a certain delay to mimic longer ingame AI time not interfering with the actualy calculation time to simulate "thinkage delays". The idea is simple: Use the same setup for a plethora of scripting processes and time-demanding operations together in the same interface for finegrain performance control. Depending on the technology used, there's surely also room for making it adjustable to the user, tweaking it so that calls to a slower graphics card (disabling process interrupting) can take more time if necessary but CPU operations for physics take less due to faster execution for this task. Sure might this be rather useless since it would always take it's time to finish, but if done with very short and small calls to functions outside the bytecode interpreter, it's very responsive and able to still guarantee quite fine-grain control. You know what? I guess it's time to seriously think about using it as my language for programming my game renderer, again. I think I can split the whole thing up, so that even multiple interpreter can run along and communicate, giving well-enough seperated processes able to perform realtime tasks usually only successful with C code. The needed bytecode is primitive to interpret with a new calling method I found for it - it will only scan through the whole code once after loading and relocating opcodes to actual function calls to avoid iteration of opcode numbers. This makes builting functions endless and new ones can be generated runtime if needed. Yep, it's time to start this one and make awesome things happen. This surely won't be any less fast than interface-filled C++ code (ok, not THAT fast, but definitely faster than purely bytecode-interpreted Java).

Hooray! The armies of hell all combined with a single, nice package for my utmost convenience.

Back from that scrapyard

So today I managed to organize everything related to quitting this job and will only need to come back once to present the stuff I worked at. It's good to be free again! Somehow I think that I just can't work on anything for money that I don't love. I somehow have a different understanding of money and the values in general than other people in this world. I strongly value work on things I'm getting the best ideas in, independent from how much I'd get with it for a living. And I know that I like to feel completely integrated and in process where things move forward, not only depending on me but also on others, so that I don't feel like everything's depending on me. And if I feel like everything is depending on me and the general activity/theme doesn't calm me... Then I feel hunted and need to get rid of it somehow. So there are already two reasons why the fuck I don't want to work anymore at this place. God damnit, why in hell did I only choose to start a job there... I'm so fucking not oriented in money in any way... Maybe I should just develop a crazily amazing and effective technology to constantly get money, even if it's just enough to live and buy a game from time to time. I really don't need much to live except a computer, internet and some money for stuff you can't get for free. Everything else I mostly don't need, nor do I care about it. Money's only really important if you can't a find a base that makes you happy enough to not need it. Well, money really is a bad thing I think. The basic theory behind it makes me frightening and do not want to think about it. Let's better try getting a job in the video games industry somewhere here in Berlin, that's definitely more of interest to me.


Veggy for life

I finally decided to totally become a vegetarian and avoid all things containing food-processed animals of any kind. This is for a number of reasons, not only philosophical ones, and already eases my mind when thinking about. It's part of a series of logical consequences coming out of general thoughts about the fact that all living things deserve their rights. Though this doesn't currently include plants, I can only rely on eating them because somehow I have to get my energy and someone's always on the shortest end. However, this doesn't stop me from killing midges where I see them and I won't start offending other people eating flesh. It's a personal decision for which I should not blame anyone doing not so, but still can give a full list of reasons why not to eat animals. And I guess I'll most of the time also rely on rather vegan food because I'm getting some problems with eggs and am not soooo fond of milk products or even honey. That said, I'll be having a rather digestible and simply fleshless food plan for the rest of my life.

I do not regret the decision, it's making the world a small step better. And in the end, that's what actually counts - working on us human beeings to become and make better people.



Great, I'm stuck with this damn student job. Oh, how I love it! A stupid piece of hardware and even more stupid software with horrible documentation and examples beeing out of date since it was released. Is this what you stupid developers think is good? No, it isn't. I totally hate it and I want to drop it as soon as I can. I'm interested in anything like that anymore. I can work with a lot of things without any problem, but if the delivered examples do just not work and I have to consult someone just to stick my questions up his ass and get no actual solution except that I should download and use an additional piece of software not delivered with the one it is supposed to be combined with... ARRGGHHHH. I hate this damn place and I hate this damn hardware. I don't want to have anything to do with this in the future. I was such a stupid idiot to actually BELIEVE that something good could come out of there. Never do it again. Never. I'm somehow thinking about a different occupation than developing software or something similarly technical. Everything's about money, money, money. Who in hell needs money. If we wouldn't have money, we wouldn't need it anymore. I'm stuck in this stupid company with no access to anything that would currently interest me. I hoped the 3 months will pass quickly and that I'll find something else I can earn my money with later. I'm so pissed and kind of desperate right now, I really don't want to have to anything with using stupid libraries for stupid hardware. I'd rather go kill people for bucks instead of doing something like that. There isn't anything in this SDK for using the delivered libraries except some stupid Eclipse package shit. What's the advantage of having a simple set of header and binaries/sources? Right, you can just use them without any stupid stuff like frameworks or SDKs or whatever tool that only stands in your way. Why can't those stupid developers make better software for using it. Why are they so dump anc pickled, poisoned by company structures and whatever not. I already hate this damn piece of software and this damn company to my bones. It's not of use for any living person on this damn earth and I wish to annihilate some greater cities right now just for the sake of general revenge on humanity.

I mean really, what's the point of all this? A lecturere tells something about graphics programming and right now I'm sitting infront of a stupid thing nobody opened before me and now I have to do all the dirty work. Yeah sure, they actually told me this, but they didn't told me anything else. Not what they want to port, not what's really of interest, no, nothing. It's like hitting a sponge with a stick and hoping that gold comes out. And I'm not really who is the stick and who is the sponge either. You know what I want? I want a small team where everyones working together on a set goal and everyone helps eachother without any exception and not just saying that they do not have the time for it. What am I supposed to do now? I bet the support won't do anything and that it will work with those damn tools somehow. I believed that working with "professionals" will be different from the usual shit we during the lectures, but it's simply nothing else, only that you have to to rely even more an absolute isolation with no real orientation. If that's what the computer world is all about, then I don't want to be a part of it. I'm not interested in something like that - it harms anything I value and whatever not beyond. I'd be glad if I'd even get another thing to do, but I believe they just don't want to integrate me. And so far I having seen anything they actually programmed except shell scripts and some library uses. Great. Stuck in road of glue, hopefully it has limited house numbering and will be over then.

Oh man, I was so excited to finally get something to do that I can all day, go there and work on it - smiling and happy THAT I have something nice to work on for which I get money. But no, it's all completely different from what I deem the minimum level of acceptability for a longer cooperation. No, I'll be out there as soon as my contract ends or as soon as I see that I won't get anything done there. If there's nothing to do for me anymore, I'll simply quit. I'm not bound, I only have to I'm pissed and off. That's the least thing I can do to get back what my head lost during all those stupid hours of reading and reading and reading while not getting any grasp about why the fuck this is called and "SDK". Yeah, maybe I wasn't "professional" and "awesome" enough to do this on my own. But with no clean instructions about what actually to do - sorry, I'm not a magic bag you can open and get fairy dust out you can trickle on anything and it makes *POOF*, resulting in an automagically dual spell-wielding starship trooper with golden testicles. Because this is what they seem to want, because this is what I hear when they start to talk randomly.

I really don't want to experiment with anything anymore. I rather prefer something stable and solid that's not just a stupid "OH WE YET HAVE TO DEVELOP THIS KIND OF HARDWARE SO THAT IT CAN BE USED WITHOUT ANY OLD SHIT". This turns soooo damn off. I'm thinking about going back to normal Desktop software... This is always what I did and wasn't even able to do something proper with this LEGO chip. Goddamnit, those bastard embedded software and hardware designers really are idiots.


I'm pleased to say that Skyrim (the successor of Oblivion) looks massively awesome. I love how the developer's work on Fallout 3 has brought so many more awesome things to the Elderscrolls series; it's a fantastic addition! And if it's true what they keep saying about giving the players liking Oblivion and Fallout, then I'll have many, many awesome games to play for a long while! It's great to hear that they don't get distracted from the better kind of game and drop all those strange casual game elements. I'm very very looking forward to this!

Also: dual spell-wielding!


The problem of beeing not-always-veggy

I used to eat not everything, but still a mixed cost of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Over time and with some more requests by a now vegan person, I learned to learn more about how vegans and vegetarians get the effects in taste like when eating flesh, fish as well as cheese and milk products. However, I didn't always understood why the fuck someone would try to replace animal products in general. Today it's different and I'd completely drop any consumption of flesh and fish if I'd only had a household beeing completely in my hands, not in others. And excuse my simple attitude towards this, but I'm not someone forcing myself to not eat the stuff that's available to all inhabitants living here. But well, the more and more I get the creeps from all the normal flesh products that're getting bought as well by the way it's cooked and processed. This combined with my inability to eat anything that's not beef, lamb or chicken, way forces me rely on vegetarian or vegan food. A few years ago I dropped fish in any way due to several and yesterday I had a disgusting event making me eat no chicken anymore. What frightens me a bit is that I mostly didn't really stop eating all this due to ethical/moral or animal protection reasons. Sure, I do have some people around me standing for animal rights and I find it great that they can stand in for them and just do not eat flesh. But without a certain environment in which I live, I can't convince myself to completely drop animal products or atleast only flesh. For example, today someone's making fish fingers, mostly because I had a "vision" before about the joys of fish fingers during my childhood. So what would you do: say that it's murder and psychologically kick their asses or let your defense down and do one exception for instance and remembering cause you didn't eat any fish fingers in ages but do not want to cook for yourself today? Food is something I decide about taste- and experience- oriented and my moral/ethical center linked in slowly over time - though very persisten and irreversible. It really breaks a certain piece in my heart that I'm today trying something I sweared off a while ago. But all in all it's "just" food and my moral/ethical attitude is more made of fighting for the freedom of will and choice, which contradicts with with eating flash due to animals having will and choice, too. I'd never kill an animal for eating it, but I eat dead animals others have killed for this reasons. On one side I can't judge them for killing because they were probably grown into it and won't change their attitude towards it. On the other side they hurt the animal's right of living and not getting killed/hurt, which's also what drives the relation the hunter and it's prey - what would a solution to this scenario be? Well, there is no solution. There's a simple trade-off, not more. Some things do work in reallife and contradict each other, especially when applying things you've grown in your head to the world you're living in. This is the reason why wars are fought, why slaves get humiliated as well as why "all good things on earth flow into the city". It's one of those problems I can never solve in my entire life and I bet most people don't want to solve or see any reason for why it is a problem. I'm between two sides, but more and more I'm choosing one and I know I won't stop here. Food is war, it never was something different. And currently I'm quite exploiting the plant world due to this.


Another fail

So it seems my compression idea was a total fail. Yep, life's like that. Though I guessed that something like that will happen, I completely finished the compressor and was only able to compress files with very large amounts of null, due their highly often occuring 00 bit pair amount. I don't see any reason for wasting time with explanations or so, just don't think you can make files smaller by masking bit pairs away. It's not worth doing so. However, I create a couple of very useful macros for manipulating memory bit-wise using a pointer-alike structure including a byte address and a bit offset. With some cleverly designed operations, I was able to the same possibilities as with normal pointers, only the retrieval of multiple bytes was too variable-demanding for a macro. So yeah, I'll probably need to move my ass on and work on other things... It's really a shame for all the energy wasted in carefully planning a compression technology that works like that. I wrote quite some functions for it, but in the it doesn't pay off except for the frame around it. *sigh*, I don't think there's any way of changing this algorithms input data for having a better bit pair layout... Who knows? I even tried to "derivate" input data using a very simple differential triangle for a more "fitting" bit layout, but this only increases entropy for already entropic files. An interesting effect, yes, but it doesn't do anything to the actual data that'd worthwhile for compression. In fact, I was able to make some files even MORE unsuitable as they were before. I wonder whether this could be of any use. Some files brought up very high differences for each derivation, so this could be of use for some kind of exotic algorithm. Whatever. I'll think a day about how this bit pointer stuff could be of use and will then continue with other stuff It's just not worth wasting time that much.


One should never estimate that shifts are Endian-dependent in standard C. Stupid me. Where did this assumption come from... Probably from Purebasic or old web shit. Now I can completely drop a whole header for that, great...

squeezing bits

I've recently started working on an implementation to a bit-based compression alghorithm I designed about more than a year ago. I don't know why exactly I didn't start it before, I just felt I had to this now before I feel too occupied by something else. It's weird how important it (sometimes) is to have something to work forward to, even if you only come closer to it during breaks and travel time. However, I wrote some useful macros for handling "bit pointers" and guess this can be useful later, too. You never know whent you want to need bit handling for certain programs or theoretical constructs.


A principally nice workflow

I'm currently in the situation of beeing able to work when I want and how long (with certain limitations). That means I can sleep until 10 am and later, have a king's breakfast, do some thinkage while going to/coming back from work, work there for 5 hours witg a cleab set of goals and having the rest of the day free for personal projects and/or uni work. Sure will this change when I've finished my term break is over, but in theory it's a perfectly smooth dayly routine! With some fine video game in the end and/or beginning, it's a perfect take full of money-making opportunities, increasing your personal learning curve as well as pleasing all the needs I would have that don't represent excessive gaming or manic programming behaviour (which's is never good for any person on earth).


I'm having a serious problem with honorifics. I simply dislike them. Especially in the German language you have to recreate entire sentences just of it. If I'll ever get the opportunity to found a government or get dictator status in some kind of possible mind control empire, I'll prohibit the use of honorifics but instead make people express honoring with actual sentences depicting the state of honoring as truly person-depending statements. Nobody needs this shit, it's like with those stupid features and complexities in programming languages nobody uses or needs. Time to work on my dictatorship and future social ecosystem designs. We'll all speak brainfuck I swear you.