Why Minecraft multiplayer sucks

I didn't try to hard to have fun with multiplayer in Minecraft, but even if I would, there wouldn't be much joy to get. I played Minecraft online before the monsters appeared and it was quite a "simple" experience: walking around, building stuff and sometimes watching other people's doodads. Yesterday I decided to give a new try again, choosing a griefer-less server with some kind of smaller community or active number of members. It was quite a cool concept: observe the global map online, make your own residence nobody except you could alter, etc, etc. Too bad they had monster on. Morning came slowly and I've chosen a nice, remote spot for my tower to build. However, I wasn't able to gather any ressource for a long while - no more trees, no coal, no clay, no iron, no anything! Someone totally raided all ressources deep down and on the surface. Absolutely annoying if you ask me. But I tried and tried and wanted atleast to create such residences that prevent griefing. Yeah, too bad you need "money" for that and that no new player got any money but a stupidly small amount of it. The map is SO FUCKING BIG and they don't let me create blocks for safely build? What a bunch of dicks, seriously. Admins and long-lasting player do of couse have a shitload of money to make they giant buildings and whatever. However, they have also a shop system you can use to sell and buy stuff. Let's just say they just sell, which is of course a serious problem in any economy.

Personally, this reflects a problem we have everywhere in the world and that doesn't change at all. This made me think today I and designed a small, balancing economy that's based on how many players are on the server and how big the gap between poor and rich was chosen by the founder. Very simple and should work, mostly like a ideal communist economy. Too bad nobody will probably implement it and you'll still not be able to gather any stuff on your own because nothing exists under the earth anymore. Or they make they stupid modifications and still call it communism, which's the point where some typical problems in such politics come from. I like how it's done in Startrek, where they just don't have any money but work on making themselfs better humans by default. Good idea, but still future music.

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