What's NOT a grind game

I'm recently a bit pissed off cause some people round there call my beloved Titan Quest a "grind game". This is so damn wrong and fortifies even further my assumption that they don't want to say that Titan Quest sucks, that they are bad at it, can't see that grinding is totally useless in this game. Titan Quest takes leveling, unlike it's spiritual father, Diablo II, as something you can do while while solving it's quest. You actually never need to repeat an area again unless you haven't put your into boss quest and need better equipment. You can go through the entire game this way and there's never ever a need to go back. Sure, certain builds WILL require good equip, but it's really a viable idea, you just don't need special equipment. It's a bit different on hire difficulties, as drops and possible power within increase rapidly as well enemy strength. But even in such a situation, you can simply experiment with skill resets and such with needing to senselessly kill monsters for xp - if your skill selection just sucks, you won't be able survive any later gameplay, so grinding really doesn't give you anything in Titan Quest. If you're playing it like WoW, you should probably go back to there. It focusses on character development, gameplay with assembled skill sets and watching awesomely looking landscapes while clubbing heads off chests. This is Titan Quest, dudes! No grinding, no monster spawners, just what makes an action RPG fun - challenging interesting enemies and experimenting with character builds.

I can't say how annoyed I am of those idiots. Seriously, they don't even know their own slang. Especially when considering their usual activity of doing the stuff they criticize Titan Quest with. That's like political backdoor murdering.

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