Once I had demo CD of a game called "Tzar" which was a dark age strategy game, like Age of Empires and other during that time. I didn't have as much features and control options or even units as Age of Empires, but you could summon creatures, collect items to pimp special units, level up, conquer hell portals and summon unearthen creatures to roll over your enemies. It was really nice game with a strange aspect ratio but good music themes and graphics. I got the full version at christmas, played it very, very long and some borrowed it to someone else. That's also the last I can remember and I think this dick didn't give it back. However, long time I was looking for but never found it again as CD or even cracked download version. Out of interest if I can find it now, I stumbled upon a site called tzarlive.com whichs offer a download link to registered members. So yeah, right now I'm sitting here waiting for the download to finish... It's a really a lovely game. It's not necessarily a big strategy game, but had all elements I needed to have fun with strategy games. The enemy AI is rather poor and predictable, but it simply makes fun bashing them with your dragons or skeletons. Reminds me of how fascinated I am with Paraworld, which's also a rather unknown game, only loved by a few person though it has the best overview-keeping features ever seen in the strategy games I've played.

Too bad that those two games never reached the star state they deserve. I don't like many other strategy games out there.

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