After playing a few old games and reprogramming some of ITK's existing functions, I found it more interesting to design on a new LEGO gun model and was surprisingly successful in terms of design. The current bullet design is still quiet efficient and also resilient towards non-penetrative trigger attempts. This means that you'll have to overcome in a certain treshold of force, resetting the pin position automatically when reduce the pressure. A really useful property I didn't notice before. And it's that property enabling me to use a trigger mechanism without a rubber-powered hammer or striker. My previous model (which I still haven't posted here, but really need to) has two firing pins you could cock together or seperately, powering the projeticle triggering. However, the design is bulky and requires a greater deal of force and rubber band degrading (especially in terms of elasticity). Furthermore, I have to switch parts of bullets regularly because of it's quickly deformed projectile lock (you know, those little grey/blue connectors with one beam width and a small flat ring on top - I need the ring for locking). So it's really not an optimal solution for all terms. My new variant works be trapsorting trigger force from 0° to 90° using racks with a direction inversion in the middle. This way I can pull the trigger (which is buffered by some random Lego spring for durability reasons) and unlock the projectile holder in the same motion. You only need to overcome the required force, which's not much compared to other bullets. The opposite of such a trigger having a force to overcome is called "Stecher" in German, I couldn't find the correct English for this word. Anyway, this designs enables to make the whole gun smaller and more compact in design. I'll also avoid re-using the break-action design since LEGO parts don't fit together so strongly if the barrels are a bit longer. So, my current bullet set it is QUITE long, which means that I would have to create a more powerful and version of the current break-action lock I'm using now. The lock is good but heavy and doesn't allow stuff on top of the barrel like scopes or rails and so on. Instead, I've designed a pull-back action, sliding a combined half chamber out of the barrel and enabling one to reload with breaking the action or taking eyes from sight. This goes well together with the necessary bullet triggering from the side (the bullet is a bit like a pin fire design, just more compact and not raising from the bullet body) and I only need a gap under the slide chamber to trigger it. It'll again be a double-barrel design, making the slide more easy to stabilize. And this time I've also found a good solution for triggers one after another, not in a row like in the previous model. I always disliked that they were side-by-side but never found a way around the construction due to overall bulkyness. So the new model can solve this problem, atleast without troubling design simplicty. Will, internally, probably resemble a crossbow with some nicer gun-like extensions. Hm, what do have then... two triggers, two barrels, a sliding chamber, much room for additional stuff... Yeah, I think this could be a definite improvement. All in all I believe the triggering will feel very godd, similar to my old muzzle-loading pumpgun, essential the second design I made. Hm, seems I have quite some history in those things! I should assemble it all to a timeline or so, showing the hurdles, improvements and drawbacks I archieved. Would make an interesting thing to look at for those reading my blog (and that's probably everyone except me when prove-reading).

Hey, this means there's still for a scope or so. Also, this means I need more LEGOs to buy if I don't want to disassemble my current model... Hm, I should atleast make some photo and a covering description of it. Besides the fact that I alreay have a better cartridge design, it has many good mechanics I could use for the new model. Especially when it comes to aiming, I still have to do a lot, making a resuable sight and so on. Yeah, the new model will hopefully bring the room for more options. I tried to archieve this in the last one, but neither worked it out due to the massive break lock nor made it sense to add an additional rail, aiming over the effective range. For the next sight, there should be a generic rail system for mounting sight parts and other stuff. I believe a set of simple beams will be sufficient for my needs. Yep, seems it's all sorted out then... Oh and the stock. I need to do something about the stocks. I used a really big one in last model which occupied almost all of my red beams... Though there's a storage for up to four cartridges, it's just too big and also required a appropriate mechanics for locking the storage. I don't deem this effective anymore, it'd be easier to clip them on the side of a stock. Yeah, what about combining the stock/grip with the rail system? I believe this could turn out totally cool, enabling to build a grip/stock once and then just adding it on demand... Let's see what's possible.

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