Strip that OSEK

I took some time to once again working a bit with nxtOSEK and think it somehow adds annoying layers I'd currently not want to have. Sure, multithreading blabla and so on, but since I like to invent my own mechanics for that (which's actually quite simple for certain realtime tasks), I'd like to get rid of the whole OSEK wrap-around, you know. I know there's ecrobot and as I believe it's surely completely independent from it. Guess leJOS isn't base on OSEK, so studying it's source is probably the best idea to find out how they're compiling it. I want to find it out. In theory, I'd only need to create some objects files and create executable the modified firmware can read. I remember reading something about a while ago... on the page where they're offering the modified firmware I think. Should be my next stop, eh?

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