Number systems

I always found it fascinating to see other cultures number systems or, on a more larger scale, how they've done their calculations on general. Digit grouping is also a part of this, as it sometimes shows how the culture used numbers in earlier times when they developed it. I have, like probably all other western people, learned to use the decimal system and later binary, hexadecimal and actual, too. But those are all based on the positional notation, which' essentially only one number system. I'm looking a bit forward to also implementing the same set of functions for addition-based systems (sign-value notation) to round up the completeness of the system. Though there are some special rules depending on the notation (for example subtraction in case of roman numbers), I shouldn't be a problem to integrate it somehow. However, I'll rewrite my current string function naming convention to resemble this newly acquired knowledge of mine. I low implementing interesting number things! Guess I'm just a disguised numerical mathematician deep down in my hear...

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