Got a job!

Yep, I got a student job. Or atleast I'll get my contract next week with around 400€/600€ per month (depending on how many hours I want to spend, but I guess I'll try to maximize the time). It's that Embedded Linux development I explained a bunch of posts earlier and I finally got some more infos about how it's going, what they are developing and on which platform and such things. I'll have to read and test a lot. I hope when this is done and everything went out right (and they appreciated the work I'm doing), there'll be more interesting tasks like porting from code the old platform and such. But I have to say I'm a bit disappointed by how few infos I got about how they work, what their guidelines are etc, etc. Or maybe I just don't realize them. But from a business point of view I can't say that they did something wrong. I'll probably get all the infos I want/need when signing my contract, getting a desk and such things. It's simply not a good idea to pump out all "secrets" when not having you in their boat. Still, I don't think I'll do anything there I did before in this job. Well, it's not assurable cause it'll for the first times be more about those time-consuming things like testing, benchmarking and migrating from one tool chain to another. But well, I don't think this will take so much time... It's so completely different from my custom goals before, I shouldn't take this too much like how I tackled projects before, or atleast see it task-oriented. They use Scrum - I once used with a three-man student project and ended up witH doing most of the tasks alone and nobody else writing anything. So I believe I'll get to see how a "real" Scrum team works and be a part of it. It's all a lot of different and kinda new stuff and I have to chew on this a few days I think. But the cool thing is that this a job I get money for and only the time I really work on it. And I also won't be able to work on it at home due to the lack of hardware - which's important to me because I very often had to work at home on stuff other people had to do but failed at it. So the task itself - getting development on the new platform running - is good for not forcing to read through documentations all day long. This can only be a good thing I guess, so I can still have my uni assignments as well as personal projects if there's time for them.

Hm, this is totally new to me. I have to get used to it but not thinking about it too much. I mean I won't get paid for doing this at home or university, I get paid for beeing there for a set amount of time and pushing stuff forward during this. I had so bad experiences with my vocational training, I uncertain about what will happen and such. It's weird cause it was all so informal and practice-oriented. They talked a lot, I've listened to them and well - I didn't have to say anything because it was all rather clear and simple. Like I'm developing my programs - analysing the target platform, getting libraries and necessary tools, step-by-step developing with over-time improvement and that's it. It's not a fixed pattern all have to follow, not a strict plan but a lot of "yeah, we're currently it like that at the moment and we'd like to know how we can continue it here".

I don't know. I could talk all day long about how strange I find this, but that wouldn't result in any content. And I also don't think that this brings any good because I should rather learn seperating work and private projects instead. That's actually not easy on my side! Especially cause I'm so damn unexperienced with all this stuff. Well, actually I'm not, but I feel like that. Must be the whole frame around it, that "commercial flair" as well as the team aspect apart from the technical side, which's definitely what they want me to can and I provide. Geez, why am I so nervous about it. It's just a job, nothing that should cause me to alarm all my drama senses... Guess I'm making elephants out of gnats. I wouldn't have gotten this job out of nowhere if I wouldn't be able to bear it. He still almost "hired" me, so I shouldn't think too much about it...

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