A fifo gun

Yep, you heard right. I kind of used the principles of a fifo stack for a gun model. If you remember the nearly-pinfired cartridge model still needing a gun to shoot it as thought, this is what makes it possible to have some more room for alternative feeding systems. I've always made single-shot lego guns from the beginning and was never able to fully realize a system with more than one shot without merging them into one with a single grip and multiple triggers. When I was thinking about how to design it this time, I remembered an early concept designed while I attended a manga convention. It based on the idea of directly combining a magazine tube with the chamber. Each shot would simply eject the cartridge and re-feed it from behind. This designes requires a big spring and I was never able to make good use of springs in any model. However, I got a good idea how to get rid of that damn spring! The solution is quite simple: a magazine tube with a fixed set of included cartridges that do not change in number. The first cartridge is always the one getting triggered, becoming empty and not of use anymore. To reload, the tube has two spring-powered flaps of which one will let slide cartridges in and the other out. If the whole magazine is filled, pushing new cartridges in pop out the cartridge at the other end - like a fifo stack! Well yeah, this doesn't make the most awesome and ergonomic gun (see, holding the gun makes 1 hand used, pushing a second and someone you also need to catch the empty cartriged from the other side). Anyway, it is a huge improvement over always needing to re-chamber! Using placeholders you can also accelerate the loading and so on. Even better, the circumstance that I always need to recharge cartridges after a few shots and refill chambers and storages later will profits from this because I don't to hold a shitload of them. I can simply recharge the last dropped cartridge and repeat for each cartridges without piling them up seperately from the gun itself. There are of course drawbacks. You either always need a seperate cartridge lying around to rotate the cartridge or simply use your fingers (though both are acceptable compared to the previous situation...). Also, the flaps are rather questionable in functiona because they need room to expand inwards/outward at the same time, moving all included cartriges towards the muzzle and back later. I can't guarentee that all will be re-chambered in only two moves, but those two moves are still more comftable than that damn break-action. Shouldn't harm to test it out, I can still alter the chambering as much as I want because this new triggering system requires only a compact rectangular block to work. Everything else is fantasy and design quality.

Hm. This would mark a great success in my design! I gotta start right now, so to have one ready this weekend... And I even have to take pictures of the last one! Damnit.

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