type IDs

I found some time to design around in ITK and added a primitive but convenient type ID system made to wrap existing data with type IDs to handle input and parameters data more dynamically. I didn't let it be limited to build types or so, it's open to custom types as well. Actually not much to talk about, but I decided to leave as the "ultimate" comfort option, where you can program as comftable as in any other language or with a set of highly overloaded functions. But the cool thing is that my one is dynamic. This means you can do something that would mean more work if you'd have to solve it otherwise. Well, most of the time you can't handle dynamic input otherwise. You need a type informations, it's always the same principle. One really nice thing you can do with the functions already supporting it is to create arrays on the stack and fill them table-like without any necessary functions calls or data fillers. You can directly edit the raw data if you want - quick and simple, exactly like I want. I'm looking forward to all the nice things I'll be able to do using it. I know I need lowlevel for specific cases, but I also know that dynamic type system comfort can, in rare occasions, be as efficient as fixed type operations. Of course not as fast, but solving the problem safe and elegant without the bug with too complex program structures. I think this is a good path: lowlevel as a base, comftable enhancements using type ids and special datatypes made for tests and early development comfort.

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