The price for working with morons

I've never really worked on complete application/GUI skin on whatever operating system, but for one of assignments I somehow had so put some kind of multimedia stuff on top cause the project my team had chosen was kinda non-multimedia and never will. However, I was somehow the only one knowing that the project is totally shit on it's own and that the other one of two lecturers would probably give us the worst mark possibly imaginable if we don't atleast include something shiny or colorful. So I sat down, channeling the only creative energy in our team right out of my head and simply picked up our university's colors (green, blue and orange with a tad of grey - looks better than it sounds) and based my complete design on it. A very simple but smooth and nice to look at theme. I've been working on it for a few days and atleast my friends gave me good feedback about how it looks. I'm nobody wanting massive applause or whatever, just an ok whether it's good or bad. And then I'm popping up, showing it to a team member - guess what happened? "But this doesn't look like out imaginary CICD!". What. In. Hell. And then I remembered that one of them designed one for an older task long gone. Seriously, it look like total bullshit and didn't even have ANY design rules or concepts applied. It was simply bad and not worth to talk about it anymore. I spend complete days from one morning to another and what do they say? Those stupid idiots. Pretending they know even one thing about design but can't even apply the most basic concepts.

Oh god, how I hate this. One day working with professionals! Just one day! Geez, next time they can do it on their own and I will make my own project with the help from others. I won't let anybody do the stuff I can do best of them. And again, the true rating part lies on my shoulders and I have to wait for those morons finally sending me the last bits of their bloody code. Actually, there was only one really coding as well as me for the essential parts. Another one point-and-clicked his way through a GUI builder (though his interface wasn't totally crap) and the last member... Well, let's just say she doesn't have anything to do right now at the moment. I feel like somebody trying to run against a storm while carrying 100 pounds of additional weight attached to each of my very own toes.

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