Made an overview

I made a simple implemented/planned/declared/WIP mindmap for ITK, so I can keep track of all the stuff I've done so far what's to do. I think I'm now more certain about what ITK should become and why I won't add certain features to it. I can remember I started coding it to simplify lowlevel features such as memory and string operations, structures for managing and accessing data, vectors and matrix operation simplifications and so on. So far, I've done the memory and the interface for simplifying a dozen of nested for loops for vectors, matrices and array in general is also done. As I mentioned earlier, lists won't find their way in it if they aren't doubly linked ones. That said, almost anything is done for itk and I only need a few more things and I'm done. I'm thinking about to pumping ITK up to a subset of toolkits, all having their own functionality. That means I don't only have ITK for a mix of stuff but MTK for memory operation, STK for string stuff or similar. But then I want to also use GTK for graphics but notice that it's already by another, quite famous, library... So whatever happens, I want to keep seperate sets of libraries. This makes progressing easier and I can focus on a single kind of tasks without switching back and forth like a bobblehead. This makes it possible to implement certain features without thinking about it's necessity if I also have other solution for it... Anyway, I need to find names and seperate them distinctively. Calling something "Imperial Toolkit" is a big. Especially cause a empire implies covering reign and not just a cute lil store chain or so. However, they need to have certain... catch. A certain catch in their name symbolizing their connection. I'll mindmap around a bit and see what comes to my mind. Excitement!

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