A lot of new stuff

I was waiting 12 hours in my university just to talk for 6 minutes and get a mark for it. Besides that pathetic fact I somehow had to kill time and somehow managed atleast half of it to become a breed for some from-scratch ideas for ITK. This includes a custom import/export system you can use serialization/deserialization as well as compressing, converting and so on. It's a simple system: there's an interface define an import and an export function, both of them take a mode parameter identifying saying how the data should be exported and what kind of data should be imported. Simple as it is, these modes are: smallest size, fastest reading and fastest writing. That's rather useless on it's own, but when calling for all the small components of bigger structures, ultimately making of exportable objects themself, there's the possibility to completely dump data from RAM into a squeezed format and restoring it later. I solved the problems with pointers and the later changing data addresses by providing a mapper-alike system that should work fine when not overwriting any source address while exporting/importing. All in all I think I got a nice concept down for to solve one of the problems I always had in programming: what's the ultimate way to store data? However, since it'a generic interface and not bound to that address mapping, you can also use to export to XML for example. Everything thing is possible as long as the target is in a reachable memory area, making it necessary to memory map file or other external storages. So yeah, I think I'll go with this concept cause it's the only one I can image that can remove any reduncancy and also work fast when exporting and importing. Yep, that's it I guess and from Monday evening on I'll have all the time of my term break to work on all those ITK features I started during the hot phase of this semester! I've also started working on some more interesting list concepts like rings and segfault-safe linked lists and such stuff. Really interesting things I'd love to realize and see in action. Also, I finished the final format my vector operations by using some macros and rather special macros to replace ever repeated, commong structures inside the code one can combine to very, very complex calculations. Also, I found an an alternative to n nested for-loops for rectangular area tracing. Yes, I can say I'm fully inspired by the freetime I'll have from Monday evening on. Ahhh, the breeze of freedom and anarchy. Not in the political sense of course.

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