Freeeeeeeee as in "Freeeeeeeee"

Yay, that's what I love for: term break! Finally the freetime I deserve for me and hobbies. The problem with beeing a student of applied informatics, you have to spend the majority of your free time working an silly assignment and such (atleast this is the case for me). Sure, there are free blocks, but I work the best if I can spend whole days on something I'm longing for - games, code, Lego guns, music: all that sort of stuff I have love and passion for. In fact, I don't have many other activities besides watching some movies and series nights long. However, a new episode of NSFW is out, the podcast I'm listening to, and brought a shownote link about another podcast with again linked etc, etc... you know the story. In the end, I started to my beloved Aphex Twin album "Polygon Window" and feel so great just by listening the tracks. It's so absolute in terms of track design that I feel compelled to resume my musicial work. I was almost more that techno/IDM type of music creator (you know, beat patterns are more natural for me than any kind of actual score) with a tad of ambient pad and random acid sequences. I think that reflects me pretty much in my quite comprehensive list of pusblished tracks. I think a restructuring of them can't hurt. And this comes along with a new alias associated with the music I'm doing. "Exocore" is something I created in my previous series of tracks where I fortified the stuff I like to work with. So it's time to reinvent myself under a new name and a bit of new rig. Technically, however, I'll base my work on the KORG synth's I have my licenses for. I wonder whether I can change the USB-type model of keying/license access to something that doesn't require an external medium. Well, let's see what will work better or if it's even changable. In all cases I want to get USB sound card, so I can move my rig to other PCs more easily. I only need a good latency, maybe some other features for EAX in games, but in general I can't deem a non-portable solution as fruitful in my case. I could cost me a bit more money than before, but that's ok - I get a deeper satisfaction when thinking about the possibilities, a must-have for anyone calling himself sane.

About the name to choose, I'm not certain. Atleast no today. But I'll choose something fitting my current inner ramblings.

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