Dev-C++ update

Hey dudes, that's something worth to celebrate! Someone made an update for Dev-C++, resolving bugs and adjusting compiler versions and so on. That's awesome cause it was my favorite IDE back in the days when I was learning C and C++ as well! It more some kind of bad C, but who cares. Anway! I gave it a try and really works as I know it from the past. Has a mixed interface, but works fine once you remembered where what is. It fit very well into the kind of software I used before to program: tabbed editor part, list of files and compiler settings as well as code completition. It's more to close the minimum of contemporary IDEs, but I always favoured simplicity and solid arrangement over too fancy doodads here and there to keep the coder away from focussing on his product. I'm a bit tired of sitting on my small Linux laptop all the time, so it's perfect to settle over to something else.

Using this IDE I didn't have any problems coding on Windows I can remember. That's mostly cause it installs it's own MinGW system apart from any system-wide setup. So yeah, that's the perfect case for Windows development: keep it isolated from fragemented trash and other external system threats. Only problem is encoding...

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