And it's getting even better

Seems that macros give me some kind of good environment for brewing new ideas! Seems that I don't need any sentinel node or so cause I can leave all stuff as a ring. Link any lone item to itself and you can connect them in rings with a minimum of code. This makes, logically, no list end, but since every list stores it's first element as a pointer, you'll know when the next element points to the first, marking the jump from end to start. Amazingly simple! You see, the best results come always when dealing with something for a longer time. I made my goal to get the shortest, most generalized and most simple to execute code ever and I'm getting closer and closer. Thinking about my future programming life and what I'll probably due for a living, I don't think it's necessary to "show off" your own code design, but know when what is a better solution and also sticking to it as long as it's necessary. I think through my very general thinkage about all this stuff, I got quite good in it. The more it forms in head, the more I realize how irrelevant it should be for your employer to see what you already did, but rather what you can do for him and how good you're at day-to-day software development. Since I'm quite fast in creating and coding new appropriate solutions, I believe it's the best to don't think about and let you muscles play when it comes to that. Anyway, I have my term break, my student job will hopefully be realized in a few weeks and I can code my very own stuff.

And I'm so glad I found this Wikipedia page about sentinel nodes. I shall kiss this dude's ass who invented it!

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