Yay, I'm back online! And now I have to utilize this to make silly JavaME assignments, Qt component servers and absolutely useless researches around digital crimes... Oh man, what a waste of bandwidth. Whatever. If everything turns out right, in a few days I'll get very own line with better higher transfer rate and with those stupid network controls my father kept since I made even one step into the worldwide web. What fucking dick this dude, living in the past since he once reached the present. Seriously, if you ever get a child, let it have it's own internet busyness when it's old enough and don't just hinder them from getting their own connection without your control. I can't believe he actually managed it to keep this situation that long.

But hey, this means I can finally install all those damn updates on my laptop! I also began to completely remove KDE and replace it with XFCE instead. It felt good in the beginning, but a few modifications and more insight reveiled a crappy settings system and horrible performance even for the simplest tasks. XFCE on the other site is fast, lightweight and does exactly only the things I tell it to. Simply perfect, that's how I like it! I'll probably, step-by-step replace my current Mint 9 setup with XFCE, too. However, I'm glad that all this finally solves and I can continue working normally...

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