Still offline

What the fuck, those telecommunication companies never get their asses moving. It has three weeks or so since out phone line got damaged and they don't even care about it. I don't know how it is in other countries, but Germany is really terribly if it comes to that. The only reliable connection you can get is other directly inside the cities (like Berlin) where everything gets a new layout once in a while. But living in the outer areas is either total hell 'cause nobody gives a shit on your problem or the best thing ever provided that you live far outside and know the only phone worker who's coming regularly to fix it. *sigh* Do you know annoying it is to install stupid Ruby fuck frameworks just to run a simple demonstration during a talk? Damnit, I'll ever use anything but C and my own programming languages EVER. Seriously, why do those fuckers create or even use it anyways. This ain't a pretty face you get after trying to copy with it. I'm sick of all this and the loss of internet doesn't to it's best to support me. Due to missing entertainment WITHOUT the ability to play my Steam games, I already watched through my DVD collection. Currently, there isn't much I enjoy except from the stuff I can't do. Everything becomes grey if something stops to work during it's highlight phase. And I don't even know how to change it.

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