Offline repost #2: no more inline worries

Hehe, I pimped my inlining possibilities! If I now want to inline of my seperated files, I can simply define ITK_ENABLE_INLINE before including the header and all included functions supporting inline will be inline. If you don't inline or need it seperately, you can still compile it standalone and it will work the same. Nice, eh? I really like this. Combined with a configuration file to setup the necessary macros, I only need 4 additional lines for each header file and no additional file for the c file. Yep, that's it. Simple stuff, but awesome if you need it. And it will work for everything that's inlinable... awesome! So there we are, configurability. This system works not only for C, but also for C++ as it bases on the same principle. Too bad I can't make the preprocessor more versatile without breaking the C standard! It would've been really nice to automate this for more, different macros without redefining it all the time. However, this is better than syrup on pancakes. I just love listening to good music and coding something that's simply awesome although not actually used anywhere. Every other student I know rather prefers coding applications and not "technology". But in the end I always do the stuff they don't want to care about. And then we get shit like Java and all that stuff around it. Yap, yap, yap... that's the sound of INVULNERABILITY. Oh, I'm sorry - wrong script!

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