Fixed size data types

l recently rediscovered as a quite useful source of stuff. Since I knew that data type size isn't guaranteed if you change the compiler or platform, I was unhappy about the fact that I didn't exactly know whether variable x will really exceed this value earlier or later. While I was using SDL I always used fixed-size types, but that changed when I lost my interesting in continuing video game development. And now I sitting here with the same problem in mind and haven't yet done any piece of ITK with datatypes different from void* or size_t due a number or reasons. I've go quite a bit more experience since then and think that the only datatype sizes that matter in not platform-specific code is the size of a word or int and a fixed size you use for especially memory-saving things or definitely portable types.

And geez, I've actually NEVER used anything except words und the hopefully-one-byte-big char types as well as their unsigned counterparts. You know what? ITK will simply never used any flex-size types other than a word (better known as int) and char (for string compatibility reasons). this effectively eliminates all problems with them and I can simplify my API a bit more.

Rejoice! Bool save the bit.

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