Offline repost #7: Finally something civilized in this dark age

I had a lengthy session of tests with different Linux systems for my laptop and think I will leave it as it is until I get the next wave of anger or so. It wasn't for personal software fetishism but rather for my student job - the tools they want to use can only be installed on Ubuntu 10.04... Quite annoying cause I was never able to completely install it. So far I had tested many things: installing it on the laptop, on the desktop, in a virtual on the laptop, in a virtual machine on the desktop... Non of this worked and I already damned the whole thing. At that time I totally forgot about my little collection of Linux distributions CDs... And out of a weird coincidence, there was also a Kubuntu 10.04 CD on it. I tested to install the required compiler tools using the live installation and it seemed to work - no error cause of wrong distribution name and nothing else except a missing fakeroot package. So I put it on a USB stick to it with better performance but needed more free space on it for the toolchain. You guess what I did, I'm using it right now. So I can install and work with it. If everything goes right tomorrow, I can finally take a look at it and learn, learn, learn... Fuck, that took me long. But now everthing should be fine and I'll hopefully stop installing stuff all the time... Fucking software.

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