BSD is not as Linux as I thought

I always thought of those BSD operating systems as total niche products that run on a few odd machines without any support for modern stuff or even desktop PCs with modern graphics cards and so on. But sheesh, I was so damn wrong. I new nothing, not more - even less! Wikipedia does again disabuse me and my uneducated mind. It seems that almost all sources can be ported to BSD-derivated operating systems, though a compilation might be necessary to make available for your system. This makes me once again wonder why the fuck I don't get to know of these things via my university. We only get a few Linux basics, even less for Windows and the Rest is a shitload of bad Java frameworks and some simple algorithmic things. I feel a bit lost now. There are so many MORE interesting out there than just the tripel of Linux, Windows and Mac OS. And again I feel like I want to write my own operating system cause everyone else can do it so, too. Of course is that wrong. Of course does all this come from a few almost never-changing things and of course are there only changes and additions done to Unix, not the other way. I often forget that much of the stuff running on my PCs is a simple but highly specialized software system made of many, many, many different codes from even more different people. A huge pot of soup bubbling inside-out if you ask me. So what I should know for now is how to use the operating systems functionalities and not more. I still consider myself a programmer wanting to archieve his task very well in a priorized order of functionalities. Not a operating system writer, administrator or something else deeply connected to the hardware in some way. What I can think of is using a hardware directly using a driver-accessing library or directly using a port and a protocol. So, a strict line between me and too sytem-near operating. And I'm somehow glad I didn't choose a study path close to hardware or system administration. I can totally think of the idea of having a single piece of hardware, a set of driver function doing stuff with them or just a normal OS with drivers. That's absolutely graspable and within my perceptual reach. But the more it becomes that complicated and hardware-connected... my mind shuts off and I lonely, lost and desperate. Maybe that's the real reason why I also can't cope with electronics and anything physics or chemistry related. Too far aways from logic or perceptual, step-based and visually connectable reactions. Oh man, when will this ever end. I just hope that I can write my code in a way that it will ALWAYS be effective and compilable, no matter where and when it will be compiled. I simply hope so. What else can I do? Nothing much but moving farther away from what I really want: my own stuff, no dependencies and creating new solution or old or so far completely unknown problems (those "new" problems I mean are rather things that aren't really problems, but people not in the knowledge believe they are). That said, I'm only an odd little, creative slice of the baguette we chew on all day we power on our computers. *sigh*, this imagination in my head will never end. One day you think everything is so easy and simple, but then another thing pops up and you're confronted with the fact that everybody is stirring in it's own soup, taking a few croutons here but then smashing it back into another guys' omelet cause he thinks it's more tasty and so on... And I'm one of those dudes, great. All the time I invested in writing good programs and they I end up needing to know more than I originally wanted. Fuck it, totally.

Oh, goddamnit, why do I always have to help my sister cook when her Apple broke things down...

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