Well, comfort package and all that

For ease of installation and maintenance, I kind of decided to go back in the Ubuntu direction of Linux. Not the original Ubuntu or Linux Mint, rather the XFCE-based distribution Xubuntu. It's a bit of backup and a concesson on my inability to NOT always play with system settings and deletion of important desktop environment elements. A system like Linux is simpel if you know about all the places and settings, but totally different if it comes to the combination of OTHER software that hooks into the chain of execution. I never understood why the fuck my window and disply managers mess of up all the time. The whole xorg thing requires further reading to change as often as I do. Well, seems that I'm just not as crack as I thought... Gotta say it was more some kind of prestige thing, cause one can also do all the stuff using another distribution. However, it frees me from using GNOME all the time! I'm tired of it, all the time I try to uninstall it's components, the whole system gets destroyed or atleast fucks up xorg. I was never able to get it back to normal yesterday night. All in all I think it's easiert for me and my reinstallation obsession to simply use one distribution (and no windows alongside) and use the whole harddrive for something that proves suitable over time. I only have a few files I really need on a system (mostly source codes and distribution-independent binaries), so it doesn't hurt to test new things more openly. One idea to test things in a more stable environment should be to use a virtual machine before installing it.

Atleast for the student job I hope to get (well, it seems that it won't be that much of a money-based job in the beginning...), I'll need a fresh Ubuntu 10.4 installation to execute the SDK tools. If I think about it, he never actually mentioned something about getting paid for it... I must be such a fool to do this. However, I could get a real student job there if I prove "worthy enough" (personal interpretation!). It's quite a profilic company, small team of 9 people to work with. I hope so much that this is going to be something I can make a living from. It's always good to keep connections supplied, there might grow a plant out of it...

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