tidy backoff

I like the new Gnome version I'm with, but it's simply sooooo frustrating to find another GTK3 style that isn't boring to look at. And with boring I mean those super-smooth shiny "Human" and "Adwaita" ones. I just don't like them, they deter me from enjoying human/computer interaction (yes, I AM that geeky). So... do I have enough alternatives? Yes, I do. Do they make GTK3 apps use GTK2 themes? No, definitely not... Or atleast I didn't test it proberly. However, this also means that I'll need to change some bit and simply try to get aways from GTK3 as long as there's no wide-spread theme support for it. I had so many nice! And now they are useless. Damnit.

As far as I noticed, the main thing why I use Gnome is due to it's standard applications, it's browser and the nice interface they give their oddicially supported projects. Problem is, most of them don't work if you edit all system settings the Arch way - by hand. Either it's the new Gnome version of I'm just too stupid and fixed if it comes to that. Well, I don't think it's good for me to always do this using GUI tools, you know. Or let's say I can also edit all settings by hand in text files (which is undeniably the most effective way of modifying AND learning about your system configurations). Most other things can be replaced then etc. I won't remove it, but install an alternative window manager with a custom set of applications until there are more ways to customize stuff. The cool about using Linux is that you can remove your complete GUI and carry on with coding on another or different window manager with no difference (provided that you know how to set it up properly.

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