Though the day was horrible and I ran completely out of energy, I think I'm done with my new and revised set of generic linked list functions. I have nodes with n directed connection, singly-liked lists and doubly-linked lists. As far as possible, I made then static inline inside a header file, so that they effectively function like inline templating for every newly parsed file. The interface is a bit uncommon and not made to be highly comftable instead of generic and flexible und application. However, it's a quite interesting thing you can also utilize for specialized lists, if you prefer having a comftable and fixed interface. It doesn't waste any pointer, comes in atleast three flavours and seems to work quite welll... The more I design those simple procedural interfaces, the less I have to care about overloaded operators, possible other functionalities etc... It feels more like a "whatever comes to your mind: just do it" thing of creating programs. Well, I was always rather fixed in how I design my programs, so goes together, naturally.

Naah, just fuck it and be done. I don't even have a list of things I still have to do for my NXT project. I thought the thread layout, raw implementations features but not about the actual tools I need for that. I know I need reliable and flexible data structures list and trees which I've already done. Then there's the geometry stuff left I'm kind of afraid to tackle. I think it's best to find something else instead. If you have all that stuff and some other tool functions, there's everything you need to begin your custom project... Why am I always afraid of starting something actually working? Why do I always tinker with project-less function sets and class collections? WHY THE FUCK IS IT LIKE THAT? Damnit, nobody knows that. Maybe I'm simply stuck somewhere at this point. All in all I always praise how great this and that is, but I never start doing something that's... visible or can be used by someone. I hate that. I simply can't motivate myself to do something like that, maybe I'm just afraid of the stuff that's related do all the work connected with actual software but not the class libraries behind. That's... embarrassing. Really. A programmer not beeing able to create a typical piece of software on his own because he is afraid of doing trivial work instead of mindfuck pointer arithmetics. Yeah, that mus be root of all evil. Though I can remember that I already created software back in my BASIC days. Then, when I tried to create games again, I got lost in those evil cycles of hiding... Hmpf. I need to break this. Time to create tools for actual software development and not perfecting some rather useless ones. And as you can see: C is helping me on the way to simpler and quicker to program software. Uhm, atleast I guess so. But it's a fact that I was faster coding and testing it that I was with C++... (mostly cause I can't do so many rather useless things in C).

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