Some first complaints

So after using Arch for a while, there are of course a few complaints I have. The harddrive spins down quickly (can be set differently I guess), some programs simply have to be installed manually etc. Step by step I develop more into a home directory-centried user. I have my own environment variables for custom binaries, my bin folder etc. It's not a completely bad thing. Of course, nothing beats the comfort of installing apps with a single command and having it user-independent. But as the sole user of this system (won't change), I can also download it to my home folder in case of missing availability. However, it's not a nice solution and I prefer not doing this. It's ok for testing, but better I either wait for the programs to appear o pack them by myself.
A problem not exactly related Arch is that Epiphany 3 under Gnome 3 doesn't work with Flash. You can install whatever plugin for whatever browser - it doesn't work and you can't do anything about. I tried to install the Flash player manually, but I already installed it using my package manager, so it doesn't make any sense. I most use Flash to watch videos on Youtube and other Sites. I wondered whether HTML5 does the magic for me if I ask friendly, but well - seems quite impossible to do anything with this. So after looking through some threads in the Arch forums, I discovered an app called "minitube" which is quite the coolest thing ever to watch Youtube videos. It gives you a complete and clutterless interface for viewing and download videos from Youtube including Playlist, related downloads, resolution settings and so on. Simply THE application you need if you like watching Youtube videos but can't find working support for your browser. So I can know comftable watch and download it! Awesome, just awesome. Too bad this doesn't work with embedded Flash videos. I always have to inspect the site element and copy it's Youtube link and inserting the found channels or video names into minitube. It's more work this way but atleast I can watch without all those stupid browser distraction. Totem has als o a Youtube plugin, but that crashes too often and is generally inferior minitube. So yes, I currently don't need Flash. Too bad no other embedded Flash player will work, too. So I have to look around for another program for listening to lastfm...

By the way, I'm currently using the drop-down terminal "Tilda", a console you can invoke and hide by pressing F1. Good stuff and customizable. Way better for compiling and debugging than a build-in terminal cause you can access and hide system-wide. Takes only a portion of the screen, very nice to work with. But so far I feel better using it than I felt using Linux Mint. It's not as "helpful" as other distributions, but highly customizable. You don't have so many thick extra layers of strange and useless deamons in the background. You can directly react on your problems and pack from the back. Quite useful, I have to say, indeed.

Oh and I found a great replacement for gedit: medit! Yeah, the name doesn't show it's differences at all... It's like paint vs. GraphicsGale. Way cooler and more functional than gedit itself. Yay, I can finally more away from it. A good environment needs constant improvement.

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