Back in time

So let's wash all away the philosophical bullshit and return to something more practical than the universe. Terminator! No, not the movie. When I was using Crunchbang, I had this lovely terminal emulator called terminator which was able to run several shells in tiling window manager-like manor. And it was awesom use, very efficient! However, my graphics was total garbage and I got quite pissed at this point. So it did never again come to mind until now. I didn't thought that Arch would actually have a pre-build binary for it... You know - cool software isn't always available on every distro. But to my surprise it HAS a binary of it! That's simply awesome if you ask me. So installed it and was even more happy to see how incredibly smooth and ergonomic commands it has. Just hold CTRL+Shift and a letter to access functionality. E and O open horizontally or vertically, W closes, P/N navigate and usng the arrow keys you can resize the tabs. That's enough you need! Completely eliminates all usually necessary mouse actions. Combined with tilda for everyday GUI usage, this is a very lethal combination. I'd LOVE a completely window manager based on this control set... Well, there probably is. Whatever. Now I only need to find the "perfect" terminal editor to replace all the usual GUI stuff I most of time depend for editing. I can remember those painful lessons I got when using Crunchbang for too long on a graphically weak machine... However, I get more motivated when I work a terminal for some reason. It's probably because it's a pure and fixed environment which doesn't change - a reliable and never changing environment perfectly for the minimalist who rather prefers an efficient functionality and not graphical and colorful stuff? Well, I like making graphical colorful stuff for some reason... So it's probably a compromiss between having the product nice, shiny and quality but leaving the development environment graphically poor but functional. Yeah, that's something that sounds like it would come out of my head. Once again, I'll tackle the quest for finding the perfect editor! I hope that some changes were made in time, so I can either find a new one or... Well. If not, I'll need to learn about those ├╝ber editors like VI or Emacs. I know I'll eventually face one of them. It's simply fact cause I know how well-thought they are for the time they popped up. Using one of them brings me closer to a seperation I noticed is good for me: shiny, gameplayee world of graphics, youtube videos and video games vs. a focussed and concentrated development environment to not let the developer's tools glow but the resulting product (or in my case: code). I've coded far too much useless apps in too many uselessly graphical editors... Often I see myself wondering why I can just type commands for searching or doing some more abstract activities. Maybe it's time to take a closer look at VI oder Emacs? It sounds convincing in theory, I have to say...

Edit: Oh, I totally forgot WHY I didn't use any terminal editors for so long. Mainly due to the lack of selection utitlities and so on. But I haven't yet checked out the new version of NANO, so maybe I find a nicer way around coping with this problem. I also noticed that most features I missed in terminal editors solely of those things that made it easier to me refactor/restructurize my code. I used to do that a lot - I still do because I want to keep up a consistent style along ALL code pieces. But seriously - I should consider relying on documentation tools if I want my code to be sorted like a table. I'm glad I wrote my static n-dimensional class... I has so many lines and things one would need to rewrite then... Well, leaving that aside I think using nano over GUI editors from now on is an interesting way to force myself to think more about the code affect and function/feature than about making it look completely aligned. Old code is old code and won't be changed all the same. I did so many little classes which I'll never really extend but rather rewrite... Maybe it's just a lacking goal. I can code in any of these simpler editors if it's about getting things done. So it's all rather a detail - I love details! Naaa, simply fuck it and use both depending on mood.. That makes thing alot more... flexible.

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