Realistic improvements

Today the weather turned out beeing quite nice and I did some test shots. Shooting in an angle upwards the sky does bring some significant height, but the overall possible range stays almost the same, adding a maximum of two more meters. So my adjustable sight is completely useless. Well, I never liked that it destroys the gun's overall balance. Another factor that really bugs me is that, depending on well you load the cartridge, it shoots often in a compley wrong direction. I know the reason, it depends one the entrance angle when the inserted bullet hits the rubber band. I already found a solution for this problem and will attack it for the next 4x4 cartridge model. But the problem remains for the 3x3 cartridge - my approach to improve the entrance angle is to make a loading utility which forces bullet and cartridge to be exactly the same base angle. In other words, a tiny and portable reloading bench. Of course it won't be totally automatic, but what is, anyway. I hope this will improve it a bit. It'd be a shame for such a really nice to operate gun to not have accurate ammunition.

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