Reading and learning

Geez, it's way more comftable to have the full system power on a huge screen while reading APIs and playing delay-heavy games (I recommend automated baalruns in Diablo II). nxtOSEK is quite an interesting system, not to say a framework in the that you need to create tasks, implement pre-defined system hooks etc. It's ECRobot API is also just a wrapper for leJOS driver functions, so it's defined to harmonize with OSEK and hooks in when the OSEK system start. It sets up device hooks and possible interrupts, so that everything can works on it's own and you only need to provide the logic. Really smart on paper, I wonder whether it's also nice to program. Whatever - I still have to hack my way around the sound API. It's great that all functions are required as sources for compiling, so you can simply include and use it from there. Will require some deeper studies, hm... I hope all of this will turn out well. I don't want to see myself beeing depressed just because I wasn't able to use leJOS' lowlevel API.

Oh and choosing custom project locations really is way better under Linux. I'm currently trying to find to set it up on Windows, maybe I find a better way instead of dumping everything into the nxtOST directory. It bet it's easier if I put it under my home directory cause it shouldn't matter where to execute the build process from. Or I just did some wrong in the path configs, hm...

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