Poisoned world

The world is poisened by Java, orject orientation and wretched "web" applications. Atleast when I'm having those lectures about "component-based development", which is just another term to describe the lecturer's sick love with Java. She is such a fat bitch, it's that simple. All those click-here-click-there and useless software uses. This bitch doesn't even KNOW how a Java VM works and calls herself a professor AND doctor. It's so terrible how far it came with the world of software. Those old farts should go came to where they came from and appreciate the good old ways of developing computer programs. I totally understand general development coordination, use of others, premade work etc - but I simply don't understand why the fuck this old hag became a lecturer. In the end, there is no choice of what to use for assignments. It's all fixed and only becomes what she knows without even admitting that she DOESN'T KNOW ANYTHING OTHER THAN THAT. Seriously, I do make programs, not vamp-covered adidas products that were rewritten to look a chinese assault rifle crafted from australian mermade hair chops. That's what you get, stuff you simple take as they are without thinking about what it actually is. That fat bitch is lifetime affiliate link, I say you. So now I found an additional group, making four in total, to work in projects this semester. It's simply annyoing what this goddamn cunt thinks is appropriate. That's not about fucking other company's money hole you piece of shit, it's about informatics! Programming! Making systems on your own! Not about another chain of webgames or online shops. I give a fuck on all that. I want some more respect in this world. Respect for proper programming and proper software.

This world is poisened to the bones. I want my money back.

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