No direct access

Damnit, I should've know that. The NXT's native image format is, like the display itself, bit-based and not as easy to access. leJOS' source code revealed some odd details about the format (it seems to be packed in y-aligned pixel packs instead of the nowadays x-aligned packs) which are not really friendly to my head. This means that I can't access the memory as quick as I hoped to. Many operations need to be done to do this and I bet that a C code would've performed better than the current Java version. So either I stick with normal pixel putting and follow the path of minimal pixel drawing, or I devote another day to get a not really faster version done. All in all I still need to iterate using Java on still level. No way that cutting the clip commands would help that much to speed it up significantly. *sigh* So it isn't a viable idea. Ok, ok. Back to monchromatic displays, slow drawing and dithering. I've seen a demo using bitblit functions and prepared xbm images and geez, that was fast. As fast as when drawing natively and I have to tinker with stupid per-pixel plotting. Someone really needs to implement a better setPixel routine....

However, grey shall be ignored and dithering is the new buzz.

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