Nice idea

When I woke up this morning, I got a great idea about a Lego gun mechanism to rotate the chamber using a joint close to the muzzle and forced in placed using spring attached to the middle of the gun's body and the bottom part of the chamber close to the trigger. So if you place a lever or something like that below it, you can (with enough applied force) push the chamber and create stress on the spring which will then - due to the rised chamber end - force the chamber to go up as far as the spring allows it to. Combined with a flexible element to push the cartridge automatically some studs out of the chamber, it should be possible to use this design forshell extraction with a single operation! This concept relies on strong springs, which I currently don't know to have. Though... however, it could replace the sometimes difficult to implement break-action for non-repeating later models. I requires the chamber, a frame around it and attached springs. In worst case, this would be a 5 + 2 + 2 = 9 studs wide gun body... For instance, the break-action I currently use requires 2*3 + 3 = 9 wide. That's exactly the same, only that the latter one has two chambers! It effectively doubles the size for each chamber, but you can let them slide out individually. Hm, in a side-by-side design that slides out left to right on the other side requires only 9 studs width for the chambers... Yes, it seems that the concept only really works well when combining them in special combinations. However, this might be an interesting design in all cases and I keep that in mind for later models where I might need to solve problems related to it.

Hm, that motivates myself to do some more research about how make a magazine-less Lego gun without going to big and complicated in size. I know I thought about a revolving action, but it's somehow not what's easy to make cause I don't like want to make a "crappy" revolver model without slide-out cylinders. And the cartridge's size doesn't to anything good here, a cylinder should be small enough to be replacable and also not in the way of it's ratchet. Hm, I'm don't think it's a good idea. Also, I don't have a round chamber, you know! How you rotate a rather polygonal, close to rectangular cylinder in a construct that should have no gap between frame and cylinder cause of stability concerns? No good idea. I already tested that before. It was a massive and annoying construct that kind of traumatized me a bit cause I spend a shitload of time building it. No, thanks. I've already experienced that. That's the problem with Lego: round shapes are quite not possible in the Lego technic world (except if they are overly huge and bulky, which is... hey wait!). Geez, yes! I've got an idea. If I create a really pulled through the gun body. I can remember that I already tried that with a poor construct. It wasn't very well constructed and didn't take in consideration that a seperate chamber is always important. But as I rather want a solid trigger that doesn't move (I had good experiences with this model), I guess I have to find a solution where the bullet get into the chamber from below or where the chamber itself moves to get a new cartridge. Hm... Not sure about that.

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