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Today, I and my fellow students had to program a simple Qt example project using it's QGraphicsView class (and all the stuff connected to it) which I somehow couldn't get to work cause of Qt's silly OOP perversion and me beeing not in the know of how to solve it. However, some words back and forth and my lecturer what I prefer to program, what's my domain if not perverted C++ OOP. Well, my honest answer was that I rather prefer to code in C, which is actually quite true. C is, in it's bounds, a language one can definitely cope with, in almost any case. I always was a bit lowlevelish, so I gave this quite honest answer. Interestingly, he kind of offered to pull some strings and arrange me a place as Werkstudent (students working in the same area as they study, parallely), working on Linux kernels in embedded devices and thus precious lowlevel tech made in C and assembler. He was surprised to still meet a student who preferred such non-OOP languages and so was I as he mentioned to know some people who'd interested to get students in their hut. Well, at first I mentioned I prefer beeing a fulltime student, not working while I study. And he really pulled out further alternatives (working during term breaks etc) and said I could write him a mail about if I'm interested. If that's not an offer! I started to think about it: do I really want to do this? Linux kernels? "Hm" was the only thing I had in mind. I only knew the stuff from rather non-covering light lectures about VERY basic and abstract schemes for how the operating system can or exactly handles multuthreading, paging etc (the lecturer was quite an admin, not a developer), but didn't like it so much. I always said to myself that I'm not a system programmer or don't wanna about anything non-portable (between systems). But having around 4 hours free between lectures, I began to think about it:
- It's an offer that's free to take and you can only profit from it.
- Your studies are less fulfilling than you though and you even began to do your own stuff (definitely a sign of beeing under-worked)
- Do you really know something about the stuff that's going on in this area? Can you judge it by the few things you know about it?
- Ever considered learning something there that's useful to you? For example, something that could help to code your programming language with more inside, thus improving the world of software development or even writing you own software-made computer like you once planned it with your own language instruction set?
- Is there any lowlevel stuff out there except compiler that you do instead? Do you actually KNOW any other areas?
- What if you like it and decide it's worth experiencing and seeing you own software in a marketed product?

So all in all I only saw points that made sense. It could be interesting, informative and a reference for my later life. I never worked as a programmer, I also rarely finished something that can be called software as software is nowadays. I tingle around with never-to-be-seen functionalities, stuff that's never going to be noticed by the user. So what about a wedding then? Between me and the more lowlevel areas of computing. I read some pages about in Wikipedia and it seems to be quite interesting to learn about and do by yourself. I'll read more about it, get into the material a bit more and then write him a mail how exactly he imagined it. So if everything turns out as expected, I can either work somewhere during the semester and/or during the term breaks. I need to ask him a bit more about that or the dudes then he'll direct me to.

Cross some fingers for me, that's could be something really worthwhile and improving to me. It also prevents me from beeing too annoyed about the fact that I never get out of my small world. It really is a small world where I currently am. I even enjoy reading Wikipedia articles to spice up my general boredom. It could also go in a totally different direction. Maybe I won't have time anymore to realize my own projects. Maybe I won't need my personal projects anymore. Who knows. Whatever, it could also be that they don't want me cause I have no references, cause I never ever really worked with system functions or any other reason I can't come up with. Who knows. Let's get it coming.

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