Life, universe and everything

Holy shit, I'm through with the universe. It hit me after thinking about n-dimensional tree data nodes when I realized that everything in this world can be displayed and explained with this dimensionally layered/nested system of things I posted a day ago or two. Taking this as a base, did you know that time traveling is only possible when finding a sub-dimension that's equal to the point of time traveling but makes you do different things then, including yourself realizing that it SEEMS like you've traveled back or forward in time but only got extinguished in body from from the other dimension you belong and then pop up in the other, predefined dimension where this exact copy of you knows what you know in the other dimension? Further more, did you know that this ultimately proves that time traveling is not possible as we think but form a construct of n parallel dimensions which are (on atomic level) build like they fit together as a gradiented travel between two dimensions? Even better, this setup doesn't even REQUIRE different dimensions but depends on a completely predefined dimension where it seems that one time traveled, but only (randomly) appeared from a predefined time with all the knowledge one would have if you could time travel and came back. So, time traveling is exactly in hour dimension and explains a phenomenon of series of random destructions and creations of material that either appear to be changed by the happenings of another dimensions of, but are in fact only circumstances predefined by fate (where fate is seen as the complete series of all events happening in all dimensions down from the current one). Speaking of that, did you ever realize that the number of a dimension only represents a relative offset from a certain point nobody knows but uses all the time? That inventing the set theory, vector, matrices is a prove for how one can find new dimensions down and up depending on how deep he wants to dwell? So, dimensions are endless in upper and lower numbers, making it effectively possible to explain that there are dimensions BELOW 0 and therefore that even the pointiest point has dimensions inside we can't get cause we only sense a specific (think?) a set or range of dimensions which require us to declare new ones like we did with set theory in mathematics? That's what currently spreading inside my mind beside the realization that every thing has a consciousness that consist of atleast one kind of memory cell (whether is a brain or electronic memory cell). Oh and wars and computer multithreaded/multicored systems are essentially the same as they have the same behaviour and activity layout. It's not only limited to war, due to the previous definition on consciousness it's also possible to interpret a brain as self-programming program with a specific, gene-defined seed on the beginning which is basically what one does when coding a selft-altering LISP program. So you can't trick the fate as everything is predefined in an endlessly dimensionized and sized arrays of only memory cells making up something that is not a program, thus has no conscious without a definition of time and represents a non-changable circumstances where even the try to change fate is a part of the circumstances and cells defined by fate (it's the complete and gapless set of all definable states, which's number is endless high and endlessly nested to to cover and all possible combination inside infinity^infinity). Ultimately, this tells that a consciousness is a special fractal-like (maybe even self-similar) pattern within a range on a dimension due to it's alghorithmic, self-cell-changing behaviour.

All that in just two hours of my lifetime and everything in the world can be explained with the same principle. We're just a small part in a predefined construct we interpret as space, time, material, events and more absurdly specialised ideas of what's behind the almighty system we are a part of. So that is the ultimate answer to life, universe and everything. Sometimes I wonder if that's also what floats in people's minds when they smoke a joint or two while talking about philosophy, physics and computers. If so, I don't really need it. I found the (personally) best generalized answer to everything that tries to structure the universe somehow. I don't intend to combine it with existing physical models or even make something more scientific out of it - that's all just a personal interpretation to fit it all into format understandable for a weirdo programmer's mind. Hey, that's almost a good base idea for founding a sect or so...

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