It's done, exceptionally

What a successful assembly! I'm now a proud Lego gunsmith with a double-barreled (rather -chambered) cartridge rifle with stock, hammer/firing pins, cartridge holder (up to four), standard iron sights and a adjustable variant for longer distances. The sight system was the most difficult part today as they are non-trivial in a decent construction. Plus the fact that I need two of them. Anyway! I combined with the stock cover so and added pins to the sight to either the cover or it's mounted position. So you can still use the standard sights if you want (they are much nicer for shorter distances and you don't need to adjust them to your target distance).
All in all I'm quite pleased with the result. It was a longer ride since the last working model and I didn't think of it becoming to quality in the end. It's really a beauty you must have seen. Some beams don't have the right colors, most grey parts never had any other color - it's almost ok in terms of colors. I tried to keep the working gun parts grey/black and all grips and stock parts in red or dark grey for better seperation. Sights are yellow as well as the parts for adjusting. Pins for fixing the adjustable sight are green. Only the stock looks crappy with it's mix red cover parts and grey/yellow/black beams. As soon as I get more parts (later, much later), I'll replace them so they have atleast the same color scheme.

Yeah, that's it. Fully functional and works! Haven't tested the sights and how far the bullets really come when aiming non-horizontal. It's just too dark in here to test it in the yard. And I have some lectures tomorrow as well as I need another person for looking where the bullet fell, too... If that's done I can think about making pictures, explanations, maybe a video etc... I'm not someone to show himself in his room and try to make "kewl gun vidz" or whatever stuff. I can't believe how some younger boys really film themself shooting their crappy baby guns with a handy camera. I'm sorry for that, but I realised that I couldn't find any other Lego gun that shoots that far and is also a complete system by itself. I can't withstand refering to them as inferior designs, I'm simply too pleased with mine one. However, without the sight it's a bit like Metro 2033's duplet shotgun (though less skeletonized). It's surprising how I always choose designs that look like from the videogames I played. Well, they were really the number one inspiration for all this Lego gun in the first place, so no wonder that they look like taken from there (with some customization of course). Back to the video and showcasing stuff, I'd rather prefer making a purely technical demonstration with myself publicly shown than this annoying hands-only thing. And since I don't see a reason to connect myself audiovisually and in person with guns, it's better to just make pictures. I mean just think about it: you upload your video, you show yourself and your quite awesome thing to the world and maybe it'll travel farther than you can image. For example, some of my minecraft screenshots went through all kinds of blog entries and I never knew about it. Now imagine millions of people seeing you building those monster guns and you never know who is watching. And then, out of a sudden, there's somebody identifying you by the video you posted - hand in hand with your own creation, marking you as a gun firearm although you're not really one and never ever fired a real firearm. People just get these images in their heads and guns aren't the best they should associate in there. I simply don't want it. I had a lengthy brainstorming for myself and came to the conclusion, that it's simply not good to do it this way. Create a dozen pictures, explanations, whatever and leave it to this. Seriously, I don't wanna be a Jack Street kind of name that's associated with beeing too young for just too many gun models to not make him a total freak. Atleast that's what I associate with the name he did use for publishing them. I don't know what he does or what he is, so there only this portion of him, ready to be totally wrong in theory. I guess nobody wants to reveal his face under such a circumstance. If I'd live in America or so, I'd totally do this. It's the basic difference between cultures I'm afraid of risking to feel. Here in Germany it's just not the right place for beeing associated with that kind of stuff. Even when telling some of your more open family members about, they end up seeing you as somebody extreme and probably also violence-oriented or so. The more I do learn more about guns, how they work and who gun-friendly peoples all over the world are, the more I feel like a total deviant when talking about it with friends or totally different people. So I prefer not mentioning it until I know how they tick, how tolerant they are about it. My own father wondered "where this will go", but was happy to "see his son doing mechanics". He's so in love with his own occupations that he simply doesn't think too much about other stuff. I know he didn't like that I'm more a programmer type of person and therefore he's always open to everything that's more like applied physics or something like that. "Atleast there's mechanic" he said. Man, what a nut. Seriously. All those minds around me hinder me from freely living my fandom about what I'm currently doing. You finish your model, you feel great, but then you want to show it to somebody only to realize that nobody isn't really happy about it. Well, my mom is always amazed it works and how heavy and complex it is. But mom's are always something special in this way. I think it's some kind of non-sex-related "coming-out" one must go through to live his decisions freely and with no social pressure (directly or indirectly). Whatever will happen, this hobby can follow me as long as I want.

Oh and I'm already planning the planned details/improvements for the next model. Chances are good that I'll again take a lot of inspiration from video game and take the design principle from Metro 2033's revolver-like shotgun. The game probably inspired me to choose when I didn't think about the fact that this gun actually exists in the game. Oh boy, I'm so tired right now.

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