I'm really glad I sorted this linked list problem out. Now I have a fine, very atomic Node class with n mono-directional links to other nodes. Hooray! And it works as expected: a fixed format gives an ordered system like the one used in doubly linked lists. Lemme think... are there more format than usual? One could create VERY exotic ones, though these suffer from dynamic deletion and insertion as all singly-linked nodes do. But with a fixed format consisting of a multiple of two for creating a bi-directional link... Yeah, that's more likely. It's cool to be finally beein able to design the most weird concepts ever on this base. Did I say how much I like those lowlevel bases for later stuff? You could even say, I'm trying to perfect it. However, it comes as it's cost (time and inspiration), but I really don't care about it if it's my personal freetime I can spend for peace of min purposes. I can savely say that I'm more pleased with programming such stuff than I'm with programming highlevel applications using premade code where the fun is already gone! Yeah, it's totally fun to me. Nothing beats the awesomeness of a completely and purely proven technology that's by the way able to create everything else, too.

Call me memory messiahs, if you want.

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