I had a great today when I shot a few things with my Lego gun. I always tried to make the cartridge lock with a rotating hook - ok for low power, but fails at higher level strengths. The only way to solve this is introduce a completely horizontal/vertical lock without rotation. I always disliked the idea cause I didn't really know how to trigger the cartridge without removing it manually or even quickly. But on way is to use a lock pin that can be "kicked" from the side or top/bottom, resulting in a possible quick shot release. The theoretical model for hammering it would be a rimfire-like hammer or a "fire pin" arranged to to stay 90° towards the gun body. I'm sure the latter variant is heavy and unreliable, so I'll try to use the hammer variant. Yes, I think that's a good solution to this problem. Yay, finally something different that could make bullets better and stronger! I longed for that idea a few weeks ago... I need to redesign the planned gun model and mix it with this new variant. I could create stunningly far-reaching Lego guns I think... holy crap!

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