gedit on Windows

Holy cows, someone ported gedit to Windows. That's awesome cause I can no simultaneously develop on Windows with the same things I already used windows including gcc/make via cygwin and a proper nxtOSEK installation. Not rarely I wanted to also develop stuff using Windows cause a small laptop isn't always suitable for everything. I also have Linux Mint installed on my Desktop but that's not as convenient as I'm not able to also use Steam in the background to download stuff... Additionally, not every proprietary thin is available under Linux and some day I also want to develop a VST plugin, which's not available on Linux... However, it's good to know that I can also develop and upload nxtOSEK apps. Interestingly, it's a bit smoother in cygwin cause you can use the givin shell scripts for automatic upload... Of course not as flexible and direct as under Linux, but quite a plus I have to say.

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