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I saw the first half of an interesting documentation about findable informations in social networks, forums, Facebook etc and guess it's a bit more difficult to find my content using my real name and maybe a nickname. The sole nickname would of course bring one to my sites, but also not to my block as I've disabled is beeing indexed on Google. Well, maybe other search engines would find me. Who knows! However, I tend to only spread my philoshophical and nerd-related activities like programming rambles, Lego gadgets and so on. Well, I wasn't really able to connect my real name with any of my internet presentations and really didn't find anything about it. This brings me back to the nice fact that this blog is read by nobody but findable by the guys knowing, for example, my deviantART page. I didn't even mentioned my name here, now do I believe that one will ever this blog using google with further information about it's address or even name. Though... shouldn't take this one so seriously... Guess writing completely senseless and disconnected things with some more or less valuable informations here and there does bring more than only a thin layer of translucence.

All in all, I'm glad to that this blog can always be kept as an almost completely reallife name-disconnected representation of stuff nobody should know in the meaning of beeing absolutely NOT useful except you're after philosophically enhanced nerd toyings.

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