I killed my window manager/desktop environment setup on Arch Linux with a bit too aggressive uninstalling. That's always what's happened if I switch distributions... Well, I reinstalled it but messed up GRUB (though I could use old installer...) and will probably have to install it again if I want to continue using it. Fuck, I shouldn't always desire a change in the desktop environment I use. I think due to the fact that I only need handful of apps and can develop and work using the command line changed my point of view too much. Isn't there some point when I'll stop with it? Probably no, cause I love changing all things dramatically from time to time. It's the counterpart to why there are dudes out there always repainting their rooms, buy new clothes etc... It's the wish to change everything existent and simply go wild.

Yeah, I'll most probably NEVER stop doing this. But change needs to happen somewhere. Either now or later.

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