Great. I wrote a huge rant about Java, decided to correctly setup nxtOSEK for native C/C++ development, got it work perfectly and then added my first tutorial ever about setting it up correctly. And ya know what? Those fuckers made shit with their blogging software and now all post since I discovered got lost. Fabulous. You guys really know how make people happy. No I have to write it up all again and care about proper format. Hmpf.

To summarize the stuff that happened: I got a huge mindfuck by nxtOSEK, studied it's source down to it's bones, learned more than I learned in the last three months and am now able to utilize my complete codebase and put all development focus on creating embedded applications for upcoming Lego projects.

Oh man, I was so happy that I wrote the seemingly only existing tutorial for how to setup nxtOSEK on Linux and now that... Damnit. Atleast I do now know that saving all post on your HD is a backup method to consider when "publishing" stuff in the web. It's always like that. Once you did something good and deleted it from your HD cause it's up, something bad will happen. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu you blogger. I'm gonna make my own page for this. And then you'll whine after the traffic you lost by that shit action.

Anyway, I don't feel bad in a programmer sense. I can focus all development on NXT code cause software rendering the display and genering sound does make more sense there than on normal PC platforms. I think I found the niche I was looking for for so long - there's literally NOTHING premade on nxtOSEK except some driver functions from leJOS and ecrobot and the OSEK OS' minimal API. In the next tutorial version I'll write a bit more about it and will have read it's specifications, the ecrobot API etc and so on. I want to see a complete guide on my future page. There seem to be many people interested in using nxtOSEK (understandable, all other systems don't deliver it's power), so I will share all my experiences and try to popularize it a bit.

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