Code Slayer

I found a minimal and lightweight alternative to existing IDEs or plain code editors. It's called CodeSlayer and follows as a simple "choose folder as project" philosophy without any associated extra files or rearrangements created. Like a simple text editor like gedit combined with a folder-based, custom project management. I like the approach and that it completely focusses on project management. You can also group projects and have them seperately visible. Nice idea I say. This way one never looses the synchronization between project and filesystem structure.

Yeah, it's not much to say about except that it's minimalism is optimal I think. Only thin bothering me is the missing build-in terminal, but that could be solved by writing a plugin. It's funny how it only gives you a basic outline and seemingly rely on plugin made by others as it seems. Not sure whether there are many guys out there using it, but maybe one day I decide to learn GTK for some reason and write plugins for it. Though... I never really was a fan of frameworks. So probably not. I'd rather learn wxWidgets instead, way nicer and less bloated.

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