A bit of orientation

I'm currently not in a very good mood, mostly due the information overload. I shouldn't have read through all the OSEK documents. It makes you brain melt for a few days and then you're wondering what happened. I think I should try to reorient my self a bit, play some videogames and clean up the informational mess in my head. Tried to drop some ramblings and catch a free mind but it didn't quite work. Instead, I started working on another gun cartridge in 4x4 format. And well, I did it but it doesn't get farther than the 3x3 cartridge. In fact it has a less flat curve but higher accuracy. A dozen rubbers were tested and didn't served as well as the should. I could theoretically increase the pressure, though this could damage Lego parts or simply make perform bad and bend. *sigh* I don't know what's wrong today but nothing brings back my motivation. Maybe some sugar will help getting my brain back on the horse.

Also, blogger has fucked some categories. Screw you, it would've been better to disable all blogging functionalities while it turned back right.

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