Better Iterators

I got a fabulous idea for how to something better out of iterators. In Java they are rather simple and primitve, in C++ they give much more but don't take it too far. I think it's time to overhaul my "storage classes" and give them a new, more generic touch. I fell in love with Java's Interfaces I have to say. If you forget about the garbage collecting, it's not well-designed standard libraries and memory-abusing nature in general... it becomes a simple system with few limitations to keep in mind. Sometimes you only need a certain degree of stripping the standard library to show me how a language can be. I think the problems it usually have with programming language is that their standard libraries are rather bad. This can be due to historical reasons or just because the developers aren't very good API designers, whatever! That's not always the case. Purebasic for example has an excellent standard library while giving one all possibilities to do everything on your own. C does also have an acceptable standard library. Not overwhelming, but for a reason: it's old. Many other frameworks and libraries also deliver the same functionality one would expect from a standard library. Qt for example. It's possible to develop almost anything without C or C++ libraries if one uses only Qt (atleast that's what stuck in my mind). So, it's all a historical question. I shouldn't be to hard with those things in the future... Language designers aren't always good library designers. And those designs always depend on what the library user is use to or what he prefers.

Hm, this makes me more comftable with the world of programming, I think. Plus I now have a plan to get use to iterator systems. Hm...

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