Ahoi from Arch

Heyho fellows out there! Not that someone would read this, but I've successfully setup Gnome 3.0 on Arch Linux and it was easier than I thought. Arch has a great Wiki I've already utitilized before. It's damn easy to setup and customize if you're already a bit into Linux via Ubuntu or similar. Combined with pacman and Arch's build system you can install and build whatever you want without having to worry and outdated software. It's simply awesome.

And Gnome 3.0 looks way better than I remembered. Ok, I have to admit that I used a test version and tried to combine it with an existing installation. The new one looks amazingly cleaned and not as static as the typical Gnome 2 desktop (seriously, al this clutter got annoying). So I'm looking forward to only install the stuff I need for what I do - no more stupid service thingies, no distribution-based "extras" and no other shit obscuring my system! That's great about Arch: you can do anything you want with cause it's rather minimal. A few package programs, some bootloader configs... Nothing else. You get the bare bones with a all-purpose kernel and no problem.

Oh, how I love this new toy!

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