Hooray! I had enough time yesterday and build a hefty trigger component with multiple individually cockable hammers, occupying only a 3*4*z each depending on how much power you want to put into the hammering. So when combining multiple trigger frames you can save one stud in width for each added frame. Thinking about where to put the gears for triggering. Maybe I don't even gears, who knows. Without gears, the triggering goes probably easier. But with gears I'm able to redirect the triggering to a random place! Depending on how whether I want a side-by-side or over/under barrel, I might rebuild it with ease. It's pretty no problem to do so. If I think about... initially I thought side-by-side would be smaller, but maybe I did just not have the idea I have now. Hm, there are so many variants to choose! But some are probably easier and simpler than others. However, I bet I'll end up having either too many gears for comftable triggering or just a heavy frame/case. Hm, the heavy case shouldn't mind me, some weight is better for aiming.

Oh and there's also break action or another thing for it. While writing this I got a simple idea that works by simply muzzle-loading and putting a lock on top of it. Not as elegant, but in case of part recession I might consider using it...

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