Never ever install any Microsoft Software

Especially not if it's something different than an operating system. I entered some kind of student thingy you can use to download their software for free and installed Visual Studio to look when it became more horrible or even maybe a bit less bad. But the more you install, the worse it becomes. I ended up having around 30 (!) individual installations just for testing this fucking thing. In the end, everything will stay, even after uninstallation except the IDE itself... Really, that's sooo bad, Microsoft. Sometimes I think all Windows users simply reinstall their system if something went wrong. The program itself is a complete farce - I still haven't found any way to NOT create a simple, local project with those stupid "Microsoft Team Foundation Server"s... HOW IN HELL IS SUPPOSED TO APPRECIATE THIS, EH!

I shouldn't complain, I knew the risk. Sometimes humans just do silly things, they want danger and trouble although they live in harmony with their surroundings and the spiritual nature of good development environments...

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