The more I think about turning the bolt system into something painless to build, the more it goes away from it's bolt design. Either way a nice-to-build gun will turn out into something less complicated where the actual triggering and chambering is done differently. I'll probably justz keep the bolt lying 'round somewhere to remember myself how it worked and how much hard I worked on choosing the right springs... So it's better to focus on a reliable and modular transport of trigger action to fire pin release. If I have this done (and that means in a way I can put it somewhere), it might be the best solution for later models. I mean I also did this with the bullet. Now that the bullet is ready since a while, I really need a fitting triggering that doesn't work on simply pressing somewhere. Something like a hammer, not like in typical firearms. I tried some designs, but all of them could work better if they where essentially like the triggers + projectile releasers I created before the new bullet design. So why not take and alter it so that it doesn't fire projectiles, but the firing pin til a certain spot? Atleast it will make it possible for me to NOT think about unreliably small solution packed with so much functionality and special spots that nobody really wants to build or repair on their own.

Simplicity and reliability. What once worked, can also work again. Two essential facts to keep in mind when making mechanics.

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