Milestone reached

Out of a coincidence, I started to write a blog entry but forgot to post it. So now there a two news in one, bringing a fully functional double-barrelled Lego gun with some kind of break action. Oh no, it really is one. It was tricky to get by, but atlast it only required one non-working prototype for breech locking. However, there's more to tell than just this. I'll summerize it:
  • added grip
  • decreased trigger sloppyness
  • added a break-action chamber/barrel design
  • chamber pushes cartrigdes out of the barrel when not locked
  • locking is done by a giant hook going from upper chamber part behind the trigger group
  • improved trigger reliability by adding supporting curves
And some other details. The most interesting thing is the lock. It's a turnable part almost as long as the gun with hooks gripping into the gun's top. It keeps the chambers from "gravitationally" opening, assited by another, this time rubberband-powered, hook at the end that goes between the levers used to cock the hammers. So it's quite big and quite stable. Atleast as stable as it can go with such an action and Lego parts. I took me whole day and half night to get it done, so maybe I'll post some pics tomorrow. Or I'll extend it before. I don't know. I only know that frogs running over my keyboard still want to bake me a cake for Harry Potter's birthday party tomorrow.

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