Mansion progress

Ugh, this game caught me again. So far I made a huge house with two floors. 3 rooms each and an entrance hall plus an occult room with a giant iron skull with lava flowing out of his mouth. I made a two block wide cable tray reaching from two bottom and lying between the rooms to wire all switches to the appropriate lights in the room and so on. It wasn't that easy to manage so many different circuits in such a tiny place (stacking vertically isn't always an option) and I still have have of the rooms left. And then I accidently blew up my entrance with the only dynamite block I was able to make, so I also have to reconstruct the main switch. Next time I'll simply use some kind of flint and steel fireplatch/torch light system and be happy with it. I know I wanted a completely wired house - there a many benefits: combinations locks for your treasure rooms, entertaining light shows, automatic on/off for room lights, etc... But this comes all at a cost and most of the time it's to sacrifice bright light and daylight, too. Even a single torch in a huge room does lighting better than an army of redstone torches. And it looks quite depressing, making it rather useless for a warm home you wish to come back to after an exhausting mine raid. And it also takes a LOT of room to wire up correctly. Not to mention the logic you need to make for automatic light switches! I used a memory cell-alike construct I found in the Minecraft wiki and a set of atleast two pressure plates for each one block wide entrance to the room. The bad thing about is that I already had double doors, so the wiring to keep preasure plates for door opening AND the for the memory cells would consume a lot of time - I dropped the automatic lights completely and went back to simple switches. But even then, making a simple OR for two switches can be challenging with already a shitload of cables in a 2xNxM space. Got exhausting over time and the poor lighting did not do me any favor. I'd be glad to have some kind of light bulb, so I don't need to wire so many of them just to get room barely visible.

So I'll simply put the roof and then move on to another home to create. I might make something that's on the side of a mountain instead on it. So I can life with the best view and don't need to worry about space for future wiring (I can simply keep the walls on the outside open and with free view on the planes while putting all wiring into the mountain itself). Oh and I need to make a monster trap. I recently found some gunpowder bits and think it's worth farming creepers just to get more TNT, build cannons and so (it's incredible that you can actually create such a thing). But I'll make it out of obsidian and rather small, so I don't waste so much TNT when shooting. However, I ccould also build a set of lined-up dispensers! Yeah, I'll make a fucking fortress out of it. With lava, spikes and the like.


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